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"هَل عِنْدَك تَنّورة بُنِّيّة يا بوب؟"

Translation:Do you have a brown skirt, Bob?

June 27, 2019



Sure he does. Everything Seth can do Bob can do better.


Is it because the designers of the course sentences were intending to teach us something about gender in grammar?

I mean, the second word in this sentences goes well with Bob's being male, and the 3rd & 4th words comply with eachother (that is, "brown" needs to be used in female form since "skirt" is female).

If so, the lesson is, the gender of the possession hasn't got anything to do with the gender of the owner, or vice versa.


Well yes. As far as I have figured it out, the gender of the adjective is based on the gender of the noun it describes. Skirt ( تَنّورة ) is a feminine noun so the adjectives describing it will become feminine i.e. بُنِّيّة. The دَك at the end of عِنْدَك is a hint that to whom (gender wise) this sentence is addressed is a male, which is confirmed by the addressing the person himself at the end with يا بوب.


I think Bob and Seth and maybe even George are women's fashion hoarders.

I really hope this is a story being told indirectly and hopefully has a finale at the end of the course.

Also what happened to Mike, Omar and Rawad?


Bob, Seth and George are sales assistants at a clothing store. Of course, Seth dreams od designing his own collection and so he will come in contact with Judy and Carrie, both rather affluent due to their high paying tenures as professors. Maybe we can see Seth explore his "feminine side" by befriending the local gay couple? Stay posted!


Question on pronunciation of the word SKIRT: tannuura (??). There is shaddah above nun, so it sounds stressed, doubled. I do hear "taninura": am I wrong? is there a kasra I do not see? Is there a rule for pronuncing shaddah on nun? I am lost.


Yeah, I'm lost as well. According to Google Translates Text-to-Speech it's just "tannuura". Not sure why Duolingo insists on pronouncing it differently.

... And why is "Bob" pronounced as "plop"?


we surely need to consult an Arab native speaker! I'll try my best


I'm late and not Arab but there was a native guy on another thread who answered the same question. You pronounce it tannura, duolingo is incorrect. Or was at least, seems to have been fixed by now.


Hello, Indulekha, are you from India.If, yyes, Know that I'm your neighbour from Bangladesh;D


Or Bob is in the closet with his brown skirt. Lol


We don't say "بُنية" but "بِنية" in spoken Arabic if you follow the spoken words.


تنورةٌ بنيةٌ


No,i prefer the pink one,just like Seth and George have.

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