"Judy and George"

Translation:جودي وَجورج

June 27, 2019

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Why is وَجورج one word?


Disclaimer: I am not an expert in Arabic, I'm very much a beginner.

That said, as far as I understand it, وَ is not written as its own separate word but is attached to the beginning of the following word.


Because in Arabic it's together with the word, و it's not a word


I have a question - I dont know how to type the "and" character. I see the "uu" sound (و) on my arabic keypad, but I don't see how to type "and". Where do I find it? Thanks.


The markings around the letters are called diacritics. Most keyboards will automatically add the diacritic symbol to the most recent letter you typed when you type the symbol. You should (depending on your keyboard) be able to type "و" then َ and it turn into وَ.


In Arab countries we don't often use those diacritic, unless we want you to know the pronunciation of some letters in a word


Is the audio correct for jiim? It sounds too smooth to my ear, like the "zh" in "treasure" rather than the hard "J" in "jam". Keep in mind, I'm no expert, and have only done a small bit of self study in Arabic... Or is it a regional variation?


the audio is not right. the only correct ج in MSA is the hard j as in jam.

The audio is indeed a dialectical pronunciation of a minority of Arabic speakers and is not correct in Arabic.


I'd agree with what Fix says. Nevertheless, in Egyptian Arabic they do prefer to pronounce "ج" as a hard "g." At the same time, I've heard speakers from Algeria pronounce their jeems like French "j."


is it because of the tajweed? in Morocco is more a j


yes, the only way to pronounce j in MSA is by stopping the breath with the tongue at the roof of the mouth then restarting it, not by constricting it. The way it is pronounced in this lesson, infact throughout the whole course, is wrong - it is a dialect, not standard Arabic. As for dialect, there are many ways of pronouncing it, a soft 'j' is one of many.


It's quite correct and accurate. That's the standard pronunciation, just like the sound in "treasure".


Can you write the pronunciation


Are Bob, Carrie and Judy common names among Arabic speakers?


Why are always supposed to pu the last word on the beginning in the translation


My answer is correct

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