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Arabic font size

Is it only me, or are the letters (and specifically the vowel symbols) almost too small/thin to read easily? It would be much easier to quickly identify the correct sound - especially when doing the pair match. This issue is both online and using the Android app.

June 27, 2019



I am blowing everything up to 200% so I can see the tiny differences.


Agree, I have a hard time reading the symbols. Some of them are different by only a small little mark


Much too small – I'm having to sit way too close to my (big) screen to see things clearly. Yes, I know I could blow it up, but surely the glyphs could be made larger.


YES! It's not just you!


Even when viewed on a laptop and zooming the page size, the Arabic characters in the notes are way too small and thin, especially for students trying to learn the nuances of the character shapes for the first time.


I have prior knowledge of the letters and diacritics, and see them on a daily basis, and STILL have trouble seeing if it's a fatha or a damma. It's just too thin to tell.


yes, really struggling with the font size, it makes my eyes hurt as I am concentrating so much just to be able to read it


Yes the Arabic font size is too small and thin to read. I am going to have to abandon my arabic learning unless there is an improvement coming up. Sorry duo you are trying to do a good job - so take a note of the feedback. also some of the pronunciations I heard in one course were not correct and there was no way to report it


It looks like some sort of response has been made to this because now in some exercises on the Android app the Arabic font size has been increased. Unfortunately the result is that now the hamza above an alif is cut off so you can't see what the intended vowel sound was


The Arabic font on the app, on my iPad is WAY too small, and I can’t enlarge it. Also, the light colored font for new words is so light it compounds the problem. It’s annoying to have to use a magnifying glass to do the lessons. Fonts in other languages are sometimes much smaller than they used to be, especially in newer lessons. This appears to be systemic in Duolingo, and I don’t think they truly understand the variety of their users.


So I am not the only one..


Too small. Especially in pairs and when constructing sentences. I cannot read the small words. Please add option to larger the fonts


I had the same problem. Now, I installed an extension to the browser that enhances arabic script. It's way more legible, althought a bit uglier. The one I'm using is Wudooh.


shukran jazeelan ya akhee


Not just you... I can include myself... But gladly if you download the App...you will get a pleasantly surprised.... Letters are LARGER...


Oh God. This was posted a year ago and I still have this problem now.

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