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A request for the Hindi team

Thank you for taking the time to make the Hindi course. I love travelling to India and can't wait to try out a few words when I go next.

I wonder if it would ever be possible to add some lessons that go between the learning of letters and the understanding of sentences -ie the bit that joins up letters to make individual words. With the Hindi course we seem to jump from 'ABC' straight to sentences and I'm finding I am learning what words look like, rather than actually reading them. I hope that makes sense.

Thank you once again for the time and effort you have all put in. Namaste!

June 27, 2019



though I am not from the duolingo team, just a fellow learner of spanish and a native hindi speaker. I have just once looked upon the course and believe me that's how even we learn Hindi. Unlike english, hindi has more alphabets. Try reading snippets or small articles which are translated into english, that might help. It's a difficult task and hats off to you on trying to learn Hindi. नमस्ते(Namaste)


Hi Sharon,

I had the same impression in the beginning, but it will go away as you move on. You can only do that for so long. If you continue doing the exercises, you will be forced to learn the letters. You may also want to take a course book and copy them nicely. This is how I study other alphabets: by drawing each character on a piece of A4 and sticking them on my bedroom wall. Then you can take down the characters that you know. Devangari calligraphy is very nice. You may become an artist. PS: Have you seen the long list of conjuncts? :p


Thank you for your comments and encouragement. No I haven't seen the long list. I will look for it. And I will keep trying! Thanks.


Hindi is easy to me.


I'm pleased for you :)


I used this online game to learn the Devanagari alphabet.


It is very helpful in understanding how the consonants and vowels go together. Devanagari is an abugida, if you don't know that and know how it works, reading it becomes a puzzle.

This website may also be helpful. http://enjoylearningsanskrit.com/sanskrit-alphabet-tutor

They also show the pronunciation, but it is the Sanskrit version, not the Hindi one, so there are some differences there.


I agree with Sharon689776. You have to make a big leap from kinda being able to recognize alphabets to suddenly reading short sentences. I wish Duolingo offered two tracks for every language (spoken or complete package). Most people just need spoken conversation. They do not need to read or write in Hindi. My daughter just wants to be able to converse with her grandparents. Learning just by listening and repeating would be better for her. She takes 10 mins to read each sentence in Hindi.

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