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  5. "جاكيت عادي"

"جاكيت عادي"

Translation:a regular jacket

June 27, 2019



The first letter of "regular" is hard to learn because the diacritic shows up as the numbee '3' for that letter as eell as a few others. Bii3, 3ab.. a few others as well


See this link it might help you pronounce it https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayin


Thank you! I realized the real problem is that on android phones the lesson preface is unavailable. I realized this when I went online. They didn't explain the 3 but they explained the 2 so I deduced it lol. So this is great. Thank you so much


Can you elaborate on this? The 3's everywhere have been really annoying. I too am using an android phone with the app. What lesson preface? Where'd you go online? Explain the 2? Thank you!


A normal jacket


yeah you are right


Why is there soooooo much repetition? Also, "3"/"Ayin" is being pronounced very strangely. (I would say often incorrectly.) Does anyone else have this impression?


Thanks for asking this question. I've definitely noticed more than one pronunciation but have no idea what to make of it. I have a book "Arabic vs Arabic: A Dialect Sampler, but my Arabic is so rudimentary that it's more a curiosity at this point. It comes with an MP3 Download. I'm at a loss whether the ayin in DL is a mythical SMA or a dialect sometimes.


SHEESH! It's real hard with letter 3 instead of an actual letter!


In the Cyrillic alphabet (Slavic languages) the letter Z looks like the number З or 3 it's still a letter tho so it transcribes into Z in the Latin Alphabet.. but this transcribes into an actual number lol


In Persian عادی also means normal, but it's pronounced differently, like "aady"


I did not understand what is the first letter of "regular" I do not remember learning it

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