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  5. "اَلْجامِعة جامِعة مُهِمّة."

"اَلْجامِعة جامِعة مُهِمّة."

Translation:The university is an important university.

June 27, 2019



"fill in the right word" is not correctly presented (position of word to be inserted in the arabic sentence not clear). Problem concerning RTL?


Yup, same problem with the Hebrew course. :( I wonder if they could write the sentences in reverse on their end so that they would show up correctly on ours. Then again, I wonder if there are browsers or apps out there that are rendering this correctly, for whom this would end up messing their version of the sentence. Is anybody here NOT having the same problem?


I see, "Select the missing word" and then an underline at the beginning of the phrase (right side) followed by ".جامِعة مُهِمّة" So that all looks good. Very clear. I'm on a PC with Chrome browser.


I'm using the Android app. Everything looks good here.


I'm on the Android app and it's in the wrong place.


I'm also in the android app experiencing this issue.


Full stop appears to be in the wrong place for me, but I think the words are in the right order.


Would we pronouce the ة here?


It's not easy to learn Arabic. But it is interesting


For those who get confused by this, as long as there's "." Then it means the end of a sentence, so even if the "blank side" is wrong (on the left side, not the right side) , as long as you know that the word is from right to left and ended with "." or any symbol such as "?""!" et cetera, then that is all matters


as long as there is


The university is an important university


The words are in the wrong order and i get penalised for it. This is a basic error that any level of QC would have picked up but i lose a heart because of it! Someone habe the guts to answer, please. 20201220


The normal way to say this in English would be "The university is an important one" by the way.


Or just "The university is important!"


That does roll off the tongue better, although I'd say there is a nuance to keep in mind here: "the university is important" can mean the university is important BECAUSE it is a university, or it is important to the city's economy because it brings people in, but "the university is an important one" specifies that this particular university is important in comparison to OTHER universities, and that is the sense that it is important. The main point being that oftentimes you'd need a pro-word or adverbs or what-have-you to translate the many grammatically correct tautologies that pop up in Arabic. "You describe it with an accurate description" becomes "You describe it accurately" for example.


In Arabic, as with other languages, context is everything. 20201221


Your translation is lacking, regardless of any platitudes you may conjure up.


There were no platitudes and there's nothing wrong with my translation. 20201221



Your answer is a correct English sentence, but it is not a translation of the given sentence.
"The university is important" is not the same as "The university is an important university", no matter how frequently those sentences are used.


What? The arrangement is wrong

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