"Sam is a doctor."

Translation:سام دُكتور.

June 27, 2019

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I read through the discussion here. My question: In English the name Sam can be for both males and females (short for Samantha). If Sam here were a female doctor, how would that change دُكتور ? Thanks. Also, is this English calque as common as الطبيب? Thanks. [I got the latter word off of google translate]


If Sam were female, she would be a دُكْتورة. The word دكتور can be used for academic doctors as well as medical ones, طَبيب is only used for medical doctors. Both are quite common.


Sam here is male ..and I think no one named a girl sam befor in arabic.. (samia\سامية) is for female . And yes (الطبيب) that we call the doctor in arabic sometimes .. It came from الطب .. You are welcome ..اهلاً


What’s the difference between that and طبيب?


طبيب = physician دكتور= doctor دكتور is said to both physician and academic professors But generally if u want to say physician u can say either طبيب or دكتور if you are referring to a man. If you are talking about a woman then طبيبة/دكتورة

Hope this helps


Nothing, just طبيب is Arabic and دكتور is "not"


the other one is from the literal latin alphabet and was more of a title in the beginning. طبيب is more like healer before latin titles were introduced to arabic culture. Now they mean the same because you need to be a doctor to heal people


Can someone help us with this question?


So, how to call someone Doctor Sam? Instead of saying Sam is Doctor


Doktóor Sam دكتور سام


If you wanna call him, simply say it in the same order as in English, "دكتور سام"


Like in English doctor Sam


I assume you'd put a يا in front to indicate that you're addressing Dr. Sam, so:

يا دكتور(ة) سَم

depending on if it's a Dr. Samuel or a Dr. Samantha.


Are there caes in Aabic. Is doctor inflectet?


Arabic does have three noun cases--Nominative, Accusative, and Genitive--but many loanwords borrowed into Arabic do not decline.

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