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  5. "دُوو كَريم."

"دُوو كَريم."

Translation:Duo is generous.

June 27, 2019



Is he generous enough to give us back our beloved family members? :(


The Duolingo owl mascot took your family members?


Yes, it is was the duolingo's pet (her name is Duo)


How can one distinguish when a word like 'كَريم' is used as "generous duo" or " duo is generous"?


In Arabic if you want to say generous Duo you would say دوو الكَريم with definte article because name in Arabic are always definite and adjectives in Arabic follow the nouns definite nous take definite adjectives abd vice versa


Interesting because in the "tips and notes" section it states that Words like am is and are simply aren't expressed in Arabic . Are there exceptions to this rule ? This fun, right?


Yes, there is no a "to be" verb. This example isn't an exception, when you make an adjective definite (adding al in front) you are making it part of the noun "Dou Happy" (in english it might be better to say Dou (the) Happy) vs without the al you would be saying "Dou is happy"


Who told you that Arabic has no word "to be"? The word "to be" in Arabic is كان in the perfect and يكون in the imperfect. They are used differently in Arabic than in English and many other languages.


Arabic does not use the verb "to be" in the present tense. It is "understood". The present tense is all we are dealing with at this point.


Both are the same in Arabic..

When the two words are found alone, a copula (is) is implied : Duo (is) Kareem

When saying, for example, "Innahu Duo Kareem إنَّه دوو كريم ", you certainly only mean : "He is a generous Duo " because you've already put the verb-like word (inna إنّ).

Naturally, we always consider this 2-word structure as " Duo is Kareem ". This is the natural way Arabs speak.


I'm just a beginner, but I've read that the third person pronoun is sometimes inserted in MSA nominal sentences, which the following link calls "equative": http://www.llf.cnrs.fr/sites/llf.cnrs.fr/files/evenements/colloques/DG_copula.pdf The reason this interests me: Modern Hebrew can have a zero copula in some circumstances, while in other circumstances uses the third person pronoun, הוא, and also זה


As i'm still in the wordbankstage, i could & did select: "Duo is chicken."

I really don't care that Duo thinks otherwise, i remain that that is true. :-P



دوو دجاجة (Duwoo dajaajah / Duwoo dajaajatun) would be how to say that. ^,^

We already learnt the word دجاج, but that is the collective noun, also used to refer to chicken as food, but when talking about the animal, we use the singular, which, in this case, is دجاجة.


Beware: duo is tryimg to brainwash us! ....and it's working


Duo the gas lighter


Yes master you are generous


Why is it "Duo" and not "Duvuu" or something similar. There are two و.


It would work that way in Farsi or something, but in Arabic, the sound /v/ doesn't exist, and in Standard Arabic waaw represents one of two sounds: /w/, a consonant, or /uː/, a long vowel. If you see two in a row, that means one is one and the other is the other. In this case, the first is the consonant, and the second is the vowel, so you pronounce it "duwuu."


Why is it being pronounced "Du" instead of "Duwuu", though?


Duo is not given in the options


Duo is not a pair of guys playing the guitar. Duo is a Name!!!! That's why it can be a "Generous Duo"


funny how this app calls itself generous


دُوو كَريم.


Toot your own horn why dont you ;P


But isn't "Duo" "Duo Lingo"? You must be an artificial intelligence (not very intelligent) because a normal human being would not be that rigid. Just as you rejected "strange" in preference to "weird". Well, although I know the meaning of "weird", it is not part of my active vocabulary, and I feel it is somewhat judgmental--negatively. I think, people over sixty-five are less likely to use "weird" than those younger. I cannot see myself telling someone, "your husband is weird"; I could see my daughter do so. And I would claim that someone who is weird, is definitely strange. Every time I add a comment to a translation, even a question mark, you mark me wrong.


You cannot add comments to the translations or your answer will be marked incorrect. A computer "looks at" the answers and is programed to accept what it is coded to accept as correct. Extra words can only be "read" as an incorrect response. Also, Duolingo staff and course creators do not, nor can they, read the millions of comments made by people all over the world taking all the classes that they offer. These discussions are for you to ask questions of your follow students about something you don't understand regarding the sentence with which that particular discussion is associated.


What is duo acctually


Duo is the little green owl that is Duolingo's mascot.


I can't belief that some person down voted a correct response. SMH.

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