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"regular chicken"

Translation:دَجاج عادي

June 27, 2019



There needs to be more practice recognizing the individual word sounds, remembering the words and identifying the word from both sound and picture before just showing the writing and telling us to choose the correct answer. I want to see the flashcards 10 times before I read the glyphs.


Duo is just good as a supplement I guess. Or extra practice while taking a real course.


Dajaaj (un) 3aadii


How are these letters عا in عادت pronounced?


Like "3aa", from what I can tell 3 and 2 tend to act like guttural-ish vowel sound, y or i?


3 is like the small pause in 'uh-oh', 2 is about the same but only with alif, afaik


Hamza ء transliterated as "2" is the glottal stop like in "uh-oh" but ع ayn, transliterated as "3" is not a glottal stop. It is a guttural sound called a "voiced pharyngeal fricative". "Arabic Mike" has a good video on how to pronounce ayn, vs aleph with a hamza, at youtube.com/watch?v=yUMCbH_f80A


Johneill isn't completely wrong. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayin: "Depending on the region, it ranges from a pharyngeal [ʕ] to an epiglottal [ʢ].[4] It is voiced, its unvoiced counterpart being ح. "


Have to agree with Anthony, the way it is presented it is a guessing game. No hovering options explanation or sound. I generally have a better experience with Duolingo.


Does anyone know if this word for chicken refers to the animal, or it's meat. The two words are the same in english but different in spanish.


What about a regular neighbour, cold husband, generous chicken or even amazing fish?



1) a regular neighbor: جارٌ عاديٌّ "jaar(un) 3aadiyy(un)"

2) a cold husband: زوجٌ باردٌ "zauj(un) baarid(un)"

3) generous chicken: دجاجٌ كريمٌ "jaar(un) kariim(un)"

4) amazing fish: سمكٌ ممتازٌ "samak(un) mumtaaz(un)"


I am an absolute French beginner in Arabic, and your comments are always among the best ones and very helpful.

Sometimes you translate the same basic Arabic structure with an indefinite article "a" and sometimes without it. Are both options valid for the same Arabic structure? Here, is it possible to translate "a regular chicken"?


How is anyone supposed to know? None of the words have been presented with meanings. This is a guessing game, not a lesson!


On some of them, you can tap the word to see the meaning. Whenever its a new word at the beginning of a topic, it will be highlighted to that you know you can tap it.


There were no word clues for this particular example and no way to report it.


Are you doing your lessons on a cell phone? I do mine on a PC and I see the definitions on this question.


I think on the Android app there are generally no hints for multiple choice exercises


You don't get hints for multiple choice questions on PCs either.


You cant tap on these. What is the point of making us guess??? Teach then test. If this continues im trying a different program.


The words are presented when you click on them when they are underlined


In this particular lesson, there was no active mouse-over for word clues. Complete fail by the programmers. This is fixed in subsequent lessons but not at this particular early lesson.


So, get it wrong, see the right answer, learn it, get it right next time. We are here to learn, not to see how a good a score we can get on the first test!


They take a heart for each error forcing us to get paid version and still call it 'free education'!


If you do your lessons on a computer, or the computer function of your smartphone, you won't have to put up with the heart system of the apps.


if you're taking a quiz, there are no hints. sometimes I've done that and forgot that's what i was doing. there was a lot of new info and no hints and i was so frustrated. but then at the end it was a quiz


None underlined on this exersize


I don't understand your complaint, AlanAbonyi. About the first exercise in this lesson, we were shown four pictures, with the Arabic script and audio for each one: chicken, husband, fish and cold. Was I the only one to get this?? So they DID introduce "chicken".


I never got this.... :(


You are supposed to know it from the other lessons


Tap on the words, it shows it’s meaning.


During the lesson, hover over the words and it will give you the translation


For that particular lesson, there were no word hints available when hovering. Not on desktop, not on mobile. And no option to report it!


I second that.....


Guessing game ☹


Does sequence of words matters in arabic?


Yes. Put the adjectives after the nouns.


I like this style of éducation


I had 3 options which I didn't know the translation of


Some words we've been reading all along, like for "husband" but without the meaning given. Would've helped to have had the meanings all along.


I agree. We are taught to read individual sounds but they don't relate to anything. I'd rather have lots of practice at the individual words during the exercises before putting them into sentences.


You can use the "more" link on top of the page to access a dictionary. You can type in the Arabic if you have the keyboard enabled or use the English


This lesson is a complete mystery


How in the world would i know how to say regular chicken in Arabic? The words had not been presented before!!!!!


Why aren't there any tip before the lesson in Arabic like noun & verb placement? Just stabbing at random phrases like "a cold new fish"?


There is a Tip section before every lesson, but not all the apps have it. It is available on computers or the computer function of cell phones, though.


I almost think I must have missed something here. The alphabet levels were presented in a logical fashion so you could learn the sounds. But suddenly without any introduction we are supposed to know these new words. On a mobile you cannot hover over the words for a translation. In Italian you can click on underlined words for a meaning. In Arabic they seem to have forgotten this handy tool.


Im french,and translate english to arabic is confusing sometime,it is possible to get arabic lesson from french?


Currently, Duolingo does not offer Arabic for French Speakers.


No sounds! Guessing games b.s.! Font too small for anyone to read. Luisito dropped the ball on this. Hey call me! Yes, you! 505 804.9594 It started out great. Readable fonts, now THIS! No sound on testing portions? This is worse than the lame Navajo course they brought out half baked with no sound or audio at all. How can anyone learn Navajo without sounds? Yes, they did that and NPR praised them for it. Made them look like fools. i know you will delete this, but Duolingo continually looks terrible when they bring out half baked, incomplete courses.


Regular fanboys are downvoting you already...X-D


Why am i learnings words for cold chicken and new fish and not names of groups of people, greetings, etc?


i don't know arabic phrases


How r we suppose to know??


Everythin' is ulta palta


I got this ques. correct but im in dilemma about some ques......


I would like to hear the sound/audio. Can this be fixed?


Is arabic not read fry left to right? Why then chicken regular written in Arabic be not read as a regular chicken?


Wrong pronunciation. Very bad after updation


When do they start teaching the words. As I already know the letters so skipped checkpoint. But didn't know word for Jaar for regular.


It starts to get confusing once you know so many words and you're still working on mastering the alphabet.


I was just learning some letters and suddenly I'm supposed to know this? Maybe I missed something?


Why do we need to guess? Pretty weird.


Your app mest up

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