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  5. "اَلْقِراءة شَيْء مُهِمّ."

"اَلْقِراءة شَيْء مُهِمّ."

Translation:Reading is an important thing.

June 27, 2019



It's hard to know just where the "is" goes. I would have thought this would translate to "Reading something is important." (But I would have been wrong!)


The verb "to be" is omitted in Arabic in present tense. Examples: .هو معلم (huwa mu3allim) - He is a teacher. .هي طالبة (hiya Taaliba) - She is a student. .هو كسول (huwa kasuul) - He is lazy.


Yes, but that doesn't answer the issue: we need to place "is" somewhere, but the question was how to know where (before or after "(some)thing").

We can make many sentences with these words, all having different meanings: "Reading is an important thing", "Reading something is important", "Reading an important thing"...

I guess the answer is that we haven't learned the accusative form yet, which would be needed for those last two translations, so we can't translate it that way.


هذا صحيح!


أوافقك تمامًا!


In English most people would say - Reading is important. Thing is not necessary


That would be القراءة مهمة in Arabic.


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