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"In order to punish the passengers, the commanding officer beamed them down to a dangerous planet."

Translation:raQpo'pu' bIjmeH yuQ QobDaq Qol ra'wI'.

June 27, 2019



This sentence would be stylistically better, and easier to understand, as raQpo'pu' bIjmeH ra'wI', yuQ QobDaq Qol. Don't leave the listener guessing as to who is doing this stuff until they get to the very end of a long sentence.


Yes this is a system change BUT it would help students understand any mistakes IF the answer was not faded out so it was hard to read. FYI it seems to me this was a recent change as I do not remember it being a problem until recently


The Moderators and Contributors of this course have no control over the software and really not much more chance for input on software decisions that the rest of the users. You will be more likely to reach the software developers in the troubleshooting forum: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/11788513/How-to-use-the-Troubleshooting-forum

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