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  5. "يَلّا باي!"

"يَلّا باي!"

Translation:Alright, bye!

June 27, 2019



Doesn't "yallah" also mean something like "Hurry up/Let's go"? Or is that a different word?


It's the same. In this context it's more like: "Well then, bye!" or "Na gut, tschüs!" in German.


Or "Vale" in Spanish


or "bon allez, salut !" in French


i was going to ask exactly that! Have a lingot!!


Yalla isn’t MSA and bye is English


Modern Standard Arabic, it's the arabic you're learning right now, however if you go to an arabic country they'll be speaking in a dialect, some dialects are so hard that other arab countries don't understand them!


Please fix pronunciation. I heard "yalla" with a soft A like in "apple", when it should be a heavy A like in "all" and bye was pronounced as "pay".


Ight imma head out


Toms662174 Sorry to take the opportunity to ask you what is your profile picture?


It's a cat-meme in spanish. That says "cinco pesos" with spelling errors


lol, <3 +lingot to you!

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The best way to say "alright bye" is" حسناً وداعاً"


I guess باي is an anglicism? It sounds like a direct transliteration of Bye.


It is a direct transliteration. In dialect Arabic it is often used, but it will never be used if you want to write a letter, of speak politely. It is mostly used with friends or children. Family members or neighbours, teachers or buyer-seller will not use this. It is too foreign to be used amongst family members, and too personal for respectful relations. More, since it is not Arabic, there are religious and Arabic loving people who take an offence in mixing it in an Arabic sentence. I advise only using it if you have a close Arabic friend who is open minded.


Yalla PAY??? Yalla bay is used in Lebanese dialect.


Yeah I really like the work you've done guys. But maybe you should just delete this "Yalla Bye".


"حسناً وداعاً" بديل أفضل و أحسن من (يلا) كلمة عامية خالية المعنى و أخرى أجنبية محصورة الإستخدام و لا تصلح لمعظم المتحدثين بالعربية


خيبة أمل...توقعت أحسن من دوو لنغو. لا توجد لغة متعلمة هنا يخالطون فيها الفصحى والدارجة إلا العربية. والأسوأ أن بعض العرب يشجعون هذا النوع من الكلام.


Funfact: This formula is even used on a daily basis in Israel, and even not only between Arabic speaking people (!), so there's even a joke about the modern Hebrew language in all other languages, than English that sound less funny in English, but you can imagine: - How do you say goodbye in Hebrew? - Yalla, bye! :)

(and what is funny about this, if I have to explain: it's Arabic and English, no Hebrew in it. Btw it's quite slang or disrespectful, but actually there are much less situations in the Hebrew language culture today, when you should not use it, I mean I can totally imagine telling this even to Israel's president or prime minister, who is called by the whole country just Bibi e.g., just like a friend from the kindergarten... :D )


this barely makes sense


Alright (instead of the standard, all right) is substandard English, like alot instead of a lot, or ain't, which is in the dictionary.


it should not be pronounced 'baye' but 'baay'


c'est vraiment sympa d'apprendre un peu d'Arabe tel qu'on le parle! Thanks also for the comments!


Why is goodbye wrong and bye right the latter is baby talk


In the US we say "bye" all the time, and it is not at all considered baby talk. It is just a normal contraction of goodbye. Which is itself a contraction: formally it was "God be with you"...over the centuries it became goodbye.


The word باى is just a transliteration of the English word bye. It's not pronounced like pay.


We do not say "pye" in Arabic. In fact, in MSA, the sound "p" is not used.

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