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  5. "I like the mountains."

"I like the mountains."

Translation:أُحِبّ اَلْجَبَل.

June 27, 2019



أظن أنها يجب أن تكون أحب الجبال.


انت على حق.
الجبال the mountains


I just reported the issue.


Things like these lead me to believe that Duo doesn't take Arabic as seriously as other languages


Refers to multiple mountains: الجِبال الجبل :Refers to one mountain


These is deep dialect (in some dialects)


I suppose if someone's using Duo to learn Arabic, they shouldn't be subjected to anything other than MSA, let alone some "deep dialect". It only creates confusion.


No it is not wrong cause he is talking generally

We say: "احب البحر" و ليس "احب البحار".

Also: "احب الشاطئ" و ليس "احب الشواطئ".


May want to run that past the Department of Arabic at the American University in Cairo. Without context and the fact the isolated sentence uses "mountains" in the English sentence while using the singular form of the word in MSA... I am not certain that the sentences are in agreement. The mechanism you mentioned exists in American English. In Am. Eng., while it is a generalization, it does not act as a collective noun - it just infers the general experience of "the sea" or any sea. In Am. Eng. There is also a subtle difference in I love the sea ( as an experience of the sea) and the sentence "I love the seas". I love the seas relates the meaning that you love each individual sea with all their unique and shared characteristics. If you hear this is Am. Eng the listener does well to verify the speakers meaning or risks accepting an Over Generalization as fact.
If you want plural you must use plural. This mechanism does occur with the word "sea (the sea)" just as you cited in Arabic. This mechanism is not utilzed with the word mountain or phrase "the mountain".


I agree 100 percent. Charles describes the issue perfectly - and it is not easy to describe. In the second case, it's the same. In English you would never say I love the coasts. Interesting to know that this is being developed at the Arabic Department in UAC!


So we do nothing to make things plural?


the answer should be أحب الجبال


أحب الجبال


The contract answer is أُحِبُ ألجِبال


How do I distinguish mountain from mountains?


mountain = جَبَل .... mountains = جِبال


Another wrong error!!


Mountains is a plural word. It means in Arabic "جبال" not "حبل" as it is in this exercise. So, "I like the mountains" means "أحب الجبال"


احب الجبال.


Should this not be al-jibaal, rather than al-jabl


I am confused about the definite article. When am I to use آل، اَل، أَل...

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