"George and Rawad"

Translation:جورج وَرَواد

June 27, 2019

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the audio for wa's Arabic character is broken in this exercise and many others am I the only one noticing this?


I hear that too - and some is just incorrect - pronunciation and the spelling doesn't match.


No, I hear it too.


No, it has been bothering me too


Why are the first words we learn random names like Carrie, Bob and Rawad? How about a hello?


Good point, AuraPiha! It looks like the contributors try to teach us the pronunciation of each letters (by using random names) and to familiarise the letters.


Is this not missing the "uu" character for "and"? So currently says "George Rawad"


The "uu" is at the start of "Rawad", written as part of the same word.


I read the Qur'an, and my teacher says that it can be connected.


there should be a space between و and رواد


I agree. There are actually 2 competing standards for this. We, in Lebanon, put a space between وَ and the word after it, and I think it is be better for the course makers to adopt that standard in this case, because it's a lot easier for beginners to learn, and it makes adding hints and tips under words a lot easier too, because people can hover (or click) on وَ separately.


But my native arabic professor always says that in arabic no one word particles can be on their own. In fact, the only (so he says) single letter words that can be on their own are some imperatives (like رَ)


Thank you SamirShaker and AnacondaC for the info. I just have another question: are these the only two ways to write? Like, are there some exceptions where it would be attached to word that comes before? Like "Georgeand Rawad", rather than George andRawad"? Just wanted to make sure. Thank you very so much for your help. : )


The options for this exercise include the character for "wa" (and) as part of Rawad. So the option is "andRawad". I'm answering "George and andRawad" and every time it tells me there's an extra space.


Next time, try answering just "George andRawad." Other commenters have mentioned elsewhere that in some dialects of Arabic, the wa/and is considered part of the following word, which is what you're seeing here.

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