"This banana is cheap."

Translation:هٰذِهِ الْموزة رَخيصة.

June 27, 2019



The pronounciation in this sentence is weird,موزة is here pronounciated as mjuza,is should be mauza and rakhiiis,long i

June 27, 2019


I prefer to type my answers rather than use the word bank - this sentence didn't accept هذه (typed without dagger alif), though all other sentences involving هذه and هذا have accepted those spellings, and rightly so, since you'll almost never see dagger alif typed out.

June 30, 2019


انا ايضاً

July 11, 2019


my answer marked wrong because I did not include full vocalization. But almost no Arab ever writes full vocalization - unrealistic!

July 6, 2019
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