"a door and a garage"

Translation:باب وَكَراج

June 27, 2019

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I have big problem with the way these words are being introduced into the course.

All of a sudden, after being taught nonsense, compounded sounds that don't mean anything, I am all of a sudden being thrown a sentence "a door and a garage?". Am I missing the part where we are actually TAUGHT what the word for garage is in Arabic? I get that this is in beta, but come on.


I got really confused. Thought I missed a whole chapter. When did it go from sounds to actual words?


Agreed, they're introducing the 'alphabet' (really loosely used here) and then all of a sudden throw in actual nouns that they've never taught.


I do not think is was such a bad idea to introduce words that you can, in principle, understand by just looking at how they are pronounced. It keeps things a bit challenging and gives you some 'feeling of accomplishment' for having been able to 'decipher' some words from context. :)

Though, admittedly, they could have chosen two separate words that could be deducted from a 'Western' vocabulary (as they came to Arabic as loan words from European languages), and not just 'garage' and an other word that you have to assume must be the right one because the other answers have no combination of letters that would sound like anything close to 'garage'.


The only reason I got it correct was cos i recognized 'and'


Very true. I was able to get the answer right by just trying to read the words with the limited Arabic vocabulary I have. Only one of the answers had the word 'garage' (كَراج) in it.

You were given the tools, now it's time to practice using them.


Hover over new words to see their translations. This is how Duolingo teaches.


I was not able to hover over the words in this exercise. Would have been nice to be able to, but...


Why is the wuou (and) included in the second item? Its a separate part


The conjunction وَ (wa) always attaches to the next word. It's a proclitic, like the Hebrew וְ־‎ (v'-) . You can think of it as a prefix if you'd like.


Not in all Arab countries. There are actually 2 competing standards for this. We, in Lebanon, put a space between وَ and the word after it, and I think it would be better for the course makers to adopt that standard in this case, because it's a lot easier for beginners to learn, and it makes adding hints and tips under words a lot easier too, because people can hover (or click) on وَ separately.


I am a native arabic speaker i can help too @BestRareR


Are you able to teach arabic?


so from what i can gather, so far everything has been reversed (Jacket big, fish cold) so why is this like normal english order?


You're mentioning two completely different things. The "jacket big" vs "big jacket" is about placement of the adjectives. In English, adjectives come before the nouns they modify but in Arabic, adjective come after the nouns they modify.

The second thing you are talking about is the order of the nouns in the sentence. That doesn't change from Arabic to English. If the Arabic sentence says "baab/door" first and then "karaaj/garage" you write "door" first in English and then "garage". Just like in Arabic.

Now, if the English sentence was "A big door and a big garage" the Arabic would be "door big and garage big". The nouns would appear in the sentence in the same order, door first and garage second, but the adjectives would be reversed because Arabic adjectives go before the nouns they modify but in English they go after.

I hope my explanation has been helpful.


In Arabic, you add suffixes to the word that is being followed...atleast that is how I understand it


مرآب وليس كراج


It says, "A garage, not a garage".


I'm having a hard time also


Error here: a door and a garage


It's soo hard about arabic


im not sure how exactly to make the first character on my phone


I know the answer but have no idea what the word in the last box is


How to identify words its not showing English subtitles for arabic language


Men this ish is crazy


Okay everybody back to class


I lukr good i use for my school and practoce

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