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  5. "كَراج وَبَيت"

"كَراج وَبَيت"

Translation:a garage and a house

June 27, 2019



Why does it sound like "karajon"


It's the nominative indefinite ending, -un, which is rarely written, but if it were, it would be written as ٌ

كَراجٌ وَ بَيت

Notice how the small symbol ٌ above the ج looks like two small وو linked together. The grammar behind when we use what when talking about indefinite things is a bit too involved to explain here, so what I suggest you do is pay really close attention to what you hear while following the Arabic letters with your eyes, and you'll eventually get a feel of what to use when. It takes a long time to acquire this skill, so just be patient and listen to a lot of Arabic while following text every day. You'll get there eventually :-)

PS: We also often drop the -un sound when reading out loud, so don't worry too much about it.


This helps, thank you! A lot to learn but what a beautiful language.


Thanks for the information and the positive attitude. From what I know, it's not THAT important to worry about diacritical marks at this stage, unless they change an actual letter (eg ra vs za sound, and da vs dha sound.) That being said, Duolingo needs to increase the font size, especially if this stuff DOES become important in later lessons.


hi, i can clearly hear "karaj". did they drop putting nominative indefinite ending later on, on the app? btw my comment is dated 06Jun2020..


I don’t know but how is your Arabic so far


It must be 'مرأب', not 'كراج'.


Why isn't it karaj-un wa-bayt-UN?


Is garage even from arbic???


Lmao I don’t know


I want to know what wrote letter H in arabic


I hear "karaj un wa bayt". Which sound belongs " وَ " to?


I am a beginner. I dont know the meaning of any word


I am confused in this sentence


You should get a Arabic tutor which knows Arabic and is good with teaching and it will help you a lot


Hi iam rumaisa bilquis from Hyderabad


Hi iam rumaisa bilquis from Hyderabad

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