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  5. "Shadi has a house."

"Shadi has a house."

Translation:عِنْد شادي بَيْت.

June 27, 2019



General comment on those exercises : it would help to hear the sounds. I think I would remember faster...


I do the exercises on my home computer and I have sound. What system do you use for your lessons that you don't have sound?


Are u sure we cant put the 3ind in the second word?


If you want to put it as the second word, you'd have to add a ه to it, so it would be:

شادي عِنْدَهُ بَيْت

The ه refers to شادي


So, in this case, عند behaves just like a verb in a جملة فعلية?


Not really. عند is a preposition and this is a جملة اسمية. So it's 'with Shadi is a house'.


I think so. You mean how its position in the sentence affects whether it gets inflected?


Ok thanks, Shady is a female name? If it was a male? We'll replace the "a" with "u"?


No, شادي is a male name. The female version of that name is شادية and using it, the sentence becomes:

شادية عِنْدَها بَيْت


Thanks brother


You’re welcome. Have fun learning Arabic :-)


This is marvellous. The Arabic for having things seems to be exactly like the Russian - a preposition followed by the owner (у меня, у неё, у Игоря, etc). It's even easier, becasue in Russian the preposition takes the genitive, but in Arabic it seems the noun stays the same. Not many things are easy in Arabic, so الحمد لله for this one.


There are always 3 versions of each word without any explanation in front of it. Is the second choice for female and third for male?? In so confused

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