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"خَلْفي زَوْجي وَصَديقَتي رانْيا."

Translation:Behind me, there is my husband and my friend Rania.

June 27, 2019



Should be, "Behind me are my husband and my friend, Rania." My husband and my friend are two people; therefore, the plural tense should be used.


Why is it wrong to say: Behind me, there ARE my husband and my friend Rania? From what I know about English grammar that should be correct... That's how I translated a similar sentence and I got it marked wrong. Any ideas?


It should be are! Not is! Behind me ARE my husband and my friend Rania!


I don't know about the Arabic, but in written English, the verb must be ARE, not IS


Oh, it's such a minor point. And IS is often said in conversation by natives. Secondly, as TJ_Q8 pointed out elsewhere, I don't think we can reasonably expect the makers of this app to think of every conceivable alternative for the translations.


I don't think correct English grammar is a "minor point" in a LANGUAGE-LEARNING app. Though I agree "There is" would be acceptable in informal conversion.


Not only is it minor, it is moot. There are grammar sites that say that "there is..." is correct English if the first noun phrase is singular. Check it out. It sounds stilted/precious to say "are" in such cases.

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There wasn't two "my" in the answer


Accept other variations as correct too...


it should be "behind me, my husband and my friend rania" . there is = يوجد . i think at least it should be correct too .


No, "there is" is not always يوجد. In this case, this is a complete sentence, as indicated by the full stop at the end, so you have to translate it as such. Now "Behind me is my husband and my friend Rania," without "there," works beautifully too!


I clicked "Skip" and my answer was marked incorrect.


What's wrong with you


I'm still hearing 'Haifii' when it must be 'KHalfii'


The english syntax is very awkward here and continues this way through many of the questions. This has been one of the most difficult modules based on that alone

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