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"لا أُحِبّ اَلْصَّيْف اَلْبارِد."

Translation:I do not like the cold summer.

June 27, 2019



"I do not like cold summer" is the best relevant English translation. The use of definite articles in English and Arabic is different.


Even better is "cold summers." The use of the plural is also different; you'd rarely ever pluralize the names of the four seasons in Arabic, but when talking about the season in general in English, you normally pluralize it.


I am a tad bit confused with regards to the use of ال in this particular case. Because in genitive cases, ال was supposed to come in front of the second word only? What changed here?


I think because albaarad is an attributive adjective (is that the right word? sorry I don't speak grammar), in which case the second word follows the first one in gender, case, and all that


Oh yes, I must have gotten it all mixed up with some other doubt I had in my mind. Thank you so much for the much needed "enlightenment" haha.


The translation doesn't make sense in English, it should be 'I do not like cold summers'


i didn't know that summer was cold :D


لَا أُحِبُّ الصَّيْفَ البارِدَ.


What? they are HOT!


I don't get it putting aside the plural Summer's, The translation comes out i do not like the summer the cold ! I mean why put 2 al ? Alsayif albarid (I assume al still means the !)


Adjectives need to agree in definiteness with the nouns they describe.

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