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"There is a bedroom on the first floor."

Translation:في ٱلْطّابِق اَلْأَوَّل غُرْفة نَوْم.

June 27, 2019



the right translation is: هناك غرفة نوم في الطابق الأول please correct it


Both are correct.


So why is Jwakch translation still rejected? I entered the same thing, still wrong…


Where is هناك? Am I missing something here?


With these sentences, it seems you start with the place and then say the thing and that's it. So "there is a kitchen on the second floor" becomes "on the second floor a kitchen" and "there are my brothers in the picture" becomes "in the picture, my brothers".


In other words, if you start with the place you can omit هناك


Yes. The trouble is that Duolingo is inconsistent regarding this.


هناك غرفة الوم في الطابق الأول


النوم* You had a typo


That would be like saying a bedroom in the first floor there is. Epic yoda speak.


This is not a game I am playing! It would help greatly if I could compare the correct answer to my faulty one. At 85, I have particularly difficult times when I make a mistake, to remember my original answer—if, at least, you let the original word list on my screen. My correct answers, I usually have fairly quickly.


Very important point made by EvemarieMo. It's frustrating not to be able to look back within a lesson. PLEASE could the software allow it?


I wish we could go back thru a lesson and our comments, replies at anytime. Im getting emails from Duo months after I ask a question and have forgotten the lesson. Would be great if we can keep a word bank also as we learn new words.


Oh yes, Dawn! A number of people have said that sort of thing, and I do hope Duolingo will make this possible.


Reading through the comments, it seems the English phrase should be changed. "On the first floor there is a bedroom." is an acceptable English translation for the Arabic they were looking for.


Actually it's في الطابق الأول هناك غرفة النوم I think they should add a course for arabic "slang" because thats how most people speak. It would probably just be common phrases, shortened words, rules that only apply in slang, and translation from arabic slang to english cuz there's no real way to write slang in arabic because they're not really words. Its like "kno'm sayin' " it's just weird.


That was wrong because websites dont like when you mix two languages, so ill post it below this one cuz im not rewriting that.


جزاك الله خير


Why not هوناك in this sentence?


غرفة نوم في الطابق الاول

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