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June 27, 2019



Does the speaker have a particular accent? I thought these vowels were pronounced "aa" but it sounds like "e" here.


I'm hearing a long 'a', then a short 'a' (in that order). It goes by so quickly, it is hard to pin down the vowel sounds.


In these lessons so far, I've heard "alif" pronounced "a" like in "hat", "ah" like in "father, and now "ai" like in "bait and "eh" like in "bet". I've noticed that the preceding letter seems to affect the pronunciation but I wonder if vowel markings on "alif", which we haven't learned yet, also change the pronunciation. I also wonder if Arabic, like English, has more than one (or two) pronunciations for vowels and consonants "just because" it does without a set pronunciation for all the vowels and consonants.


dam good job with the streaks i hope you know arabic by know


I think it's pronounced differently depending on the word, like in English, not sure though


The "a" type vowel is affected by the consonants around it, so in this case, for "da-" the sound is "deh" because of starting with "d," and then the "-kair" sound is the combination of an "eh" sound with an "r" sound.

On the subject of preceding consonants, for most consonants, the "a" vowel after them will be pronounced like "eh." There are some consonants that always make "a" pronounced like "aw" instead. (The letters for r, gh, kh, and the "thick" s, d, t, and dh, for example.)


ok you are kind of right but also there is something called تشكيل which is the dashes or o that lay above or under the letter and the letter before and after like ex:دْاكَارْ the د has a zero above it so when the alif comes after it will be a short vowel actually what we pronounce is the dash not the alif but the ك has a dash above it so when the alif comes after it will be along vowel and about the letter you said خ ط ض غ ظ well i can not explain it except by this there is five ways to pronounce it when they have dash above them and alif after it it will be the highist to pronounce like from the back of your throught i hope this helped you a little


Arabic has vowel sounds the dash above is called fatha َ it makes the a sound, kasra ِ has an i sound and damma ُ which makes a u sound. The consonants affect the sound of vowels just like english.


Wikipedia says that's the usual pronunciation for alif.


I guess Dakar is the capital of Sénégal


The pronunciation is incorrect. Even though the more standard ا (and the most heard sound in Arabic like the baseline) is the 'a' as in 'cat'

But this is actually a proper noun so both ا sounds come out as the 'a' in 'far'


Why is it ا (long a) and not دَ (in this example da)


Dakar : دَکَر Daakaar : داکار :)


Doesn't Senegal speak French? Is Arabic spoken there?


Arabic is not spoken there, but the most widely spoken language in Senegal is Wolof which can be written in Arabic script.


Senegal people speak arabic and french, but most signs and such are written in French, i think


Once Arabic has hatched out of its Beta stage, I look forward to having linked sounds to the examples in the "lightbulb" tips and notes sections for each lesson. It would be very helpful on vowel sounds. :-)


I thought this should be daakaar and not Dakar

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