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Tips and trick is missing from the mobile app version...


Yes!! I am so excited to see Arabic finally out after all these years! Thank you to all the contributors and DL itself.

People have already started pointing out some frustrations: the tree is very short (and actually really primitive from a language learning point of view...), the text is too small...

A major issue I'm having is the tips and tricks is missing!! It is beyond me that we have to 'trial and error' learn when using the mobile app and only get the notes handy for some languages (like French). Otherwise, for lanuages like Swahili, Hindi and now Arabic, we have to be at a desktop. Everything is already written... SURELY it can't be that difficult to upgrade the app to include in the tips and tricks for all languages? Does anyone know why they do this only for some languages?

Either way, I am glad something is out... I just hope they actually keep up momentum, and they powers that be build the tree and iron out these problems! Thanks once again.

June 27, 2019



Actually, Tips and Notes have been on the web version alone for all the languages I know. (I think they are currently newly added to the mobile app in En-Fr and/or En-Es, not sure).

I don't know why this is the case. But that's why I prefer using the web version whenever I can.


Tips & notes were available when it first came out (on android)

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