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"Shadi is an Omani translator."

Translation:شادي مُتَرجِم عُمانِيّ.

June 27, 2019



Help please?
I thought Shadi was a female name, and that I should adjust the gender of 'translator' (and 'Omani') to match (by adding ة to the end of these words): شادي مترجمة عمانية Where did I go wrong? ~ Is Shadi male or female? ~ Does the gender of the occupation (like مترجم) change to correspond with the gender of the person in that occupation, or is it fixed (translator the occupation is male, even if the person is female)?
~ Am I missing something else entirely?


Shadi is a masculine given name. Can I ask what gave you the impression that it's feminine? I won't lie; now that you made me think of it, I think I kind of like it as a girl name, though not an Arabic one.


facepalm I don't know where I got the idea Shadi was female. I was very confused. Thank you!


I also thought Shadi was a female name, and came looking in the comments for an explanation. I know many women named Shadi (and no men), but they are all Persian, not Arabic.


"Shaadii" comes from the triliteral root "sh-d-w," meaning "to chant." It's in the binyan "faa3il," meaning "doer of things." So you put it all together, and "shaadii" means "chanter."

There actually is a female version, "Shaadiyah," and it's the stage name of one of the most prominent actresses from the Egyptian Golden Age of Cinema. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shadia

There are Arabic feminine given names that end in -ii, but most of the ones I can think of right this very moment are restricted in use to the Gulf region. Like "hanaadii," "tahaanii," "ma3'aanii." Not sure about their derivation. Are any of those heard in Persian?


Turns out that, in Arabic, you put the adjective behind the noun that it qualifies. So does Duolingo's sentence mean that Shadi is a translator who is a national of Oman? How would you say that he is a translator of the language of Oman?


You would say شادي مترجم للغة العمانية Or شادي مترجم للعمانية/للإنجليزية/للفرنسية ...etc


And better way to say it in arabic شادي "يعمل" كمترجم للغة العمانية


Shadi is female, شادي صدیقتي و هي بنت

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