"an amazing husband"

Translation:زَوج مُمتاز

June 27, 2019

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Technically, ممتاز translates to "excellent," whereas "amazing" would better be rendered as "رائع." To amaze is to fill with wonder or surprise, like راع in Arabic, and to excel is to surpass others and be better than them, like امتاز in Arabic.


You're right, but I'd say and even more accurate translation of "amazing" would be مُذهِل or مُدهِش

Having said that, I think the translation is trying to avoid literal translations when they don't make a lot of sense. The English sentence isn't trying to say that the husband fills with wonder or surprise, it's just trying to say that he is really great, and the Arabic sentence is trying to reflect that, too.


Nope. الذهول and الدهشة aren't just a sense of wonder, they're a sense of delirium and confusion, so "astonishing" or "stunning" or even "marvellous" would fit the bill better.

"Amazing" in English does carry that meaning, that the husband fills with wonder or surprise, so if the husband is just really great, "excellent" should have been the translation used. "Amazing" sounds too evocative a translation for an emotionally neutral word like mumtaaz.


Following is the Cambridge Arabic dictionary translating “amazing” as مذهل while simultaneously translating it to English as “very good”


Also, please read the section “Can amazing mean good?” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary explaining how the modern meaning of “amazing” has been watered down and stopped having its original meaning and strength here: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/amazing


No, she (tsuj1) was right.


I don't quite understand this: My solution: زَوج مُمتاز Duolingo accepts it and tells me a different correct solution was: زَوج مُمتاز What's the difference? Are there slightly different ٌ ?


Same, I can't see any difference between your solution and Duolingo's correction. Is it an error/glitch from the site?


Anyone notice that google translate gives different arabic spelling for "an amazing husband"? Any idea why?


Google translate is not great for Arabic at all. Mumtaaz is a much more common word than the synonyms and Duolingo is trying to make you activate the new letters they teach you in each lesson :)


I don't understand why there are words we haven't learnt before. This is so boring. I wanted to learn language, but these weird "a generous neighbour" "an amazing door" makes me crazy. It's no more learning, but guessing


When you put your cursor over the words, you can see their meaning.


زَوْجٌ مُمْتَازٌ


I dont know how to add the tiny squigglies on top of the words


On my computer the accents a= "fatha" مَ is the same as Capital Q. , the i ="kesra" تِ is the same as capital letter A. And u= "damma" بُ is the same as capital letter E.

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