"an amazing door"

Translation:باب مُمتاز

June 27, 2019

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The print is really tiny, and difficult to 'read'.


Agreed. On my phone it's impossible to make out the diacritics, they're just too tiny.


Agreed with you, having to squint right up next to my phone to read the text on the sentence questions, and it's especially bad when it's orange.


Ya its to hard to read thanks for the info


Did I miss the part where they were telling us the meaning of ANY of the words that we were practicing?!?!?!? I had no idea of the meaning of any of the sounds, even though I was doing well at spelling. Thanks!


If you hold your cursor over the words that have dotted lines under them, you'll see the definition.


In my case, I don't have dots under the words


Dont skip the lesson, the hint showed up when you take the normal lesson, each word will be underlined with dot and you can tap it to see the meaning


Rubbish! From babab to 'thats an amaxing door'? Feel like ive missed 18 levels between??


Yes. But I had the same feeling when we went from just seven letters to whole words (Rosa & Co) and later found out that it was more about recognizing the letters when they are in a word and that it wasn't too difficult. Interesting learning experience with that big leaps! But I trust the makers of this course now.


Yep, that's totally me


I think before we get to this stage, we should be learning what each word means. In Turkish, there would be four pictures with their associate Turkish word, and you are given an English word in which we associate to the picture/Turkish word. This gives us an introduction to these newnew word. Does that make sense?


I'm with you. When I tried Polish, it was the same. I don't understand why the Arabic courses aren't as fleshed out as others..

And why we don't even really know which dialect we're learning! It'd be nice if they at least had separate courses for MSA or dialects with most speakers...


I don't know why this comment get downvoted. She just gave her feedback/review and it's valid.

By the way, Arabic Duolingo is Hybrid, some members said. The reason why contributors try to mix up between MSA and some Dialects is that they thought this method is the simpler way to study Arabic as learners don't need to be stressed by the endings. And, it's not surprising if this reason is argued by many Arabic lovers.

Anyway, learning Arabic needs a lot of tenacity so take all sources that we know except we recognize which one is the better option :))


How should we know what the words mean???


I dont know if i somehow skipped a lesson or what but out of no where this made me translate words that ive never practiced before. I was doing really good until i reached towards the end of lesson alphabet 4. For example.. "new" is something completely different in abaric than what it tought me on previous lessons


I wish there were meanings of words given when wr practice the words. I could not identify meaning to any of the words in this sentence


Please add pronunciations as well


I have no idea how to read these words


It is okay to get things wrong, look up the explanation and learn that way. The added emotional level often helps memory. Take a risk.



I am trying out a browser extension called "Wudooh" by Bassam Helal (project is on GitHub, with links to browser extension: https://github.com/basshelal/Wudooh)

It works instantly in this very post (but not in all of the course! Please, see edit2 below) by moving a slider and it magnifies the Arabic font from 100% to 200%.

The font can be changed but doesn't work here -- on other sites the changes are instant and without reloading and it comes in quite handy.

Conclusion: so far very useful for readability but mainly for OTHER sites with Arabic fonts (which I hope we will all use very soon)



edit1: spelling

edit2: font size slider seems to work with the flash cards (must let go of slider for effect)


Hello my friend, Many thanks for recommending Wudooh to those who need it (I am the developer of Wudooh). It means a lot to me knowing that I am helping people learn and use Arabic in some way.

Unfortunately it seems that the Duolingo site overrides any changes Wudooh does to it so it is completely out of my hands unfortunately but I will try to look into it more thoroughly to see if there's any possible fix, even if it is a hack of some sort since this would be something very beneficial to many.

However, as you said the sliders do work so that is good news. Do you think I should increase the maximum size limit to maybe 300% instead of 200% since the default size on here is insultingly small?

Anyway thanks for recommending Wudooh, hope I helped you in some way. Peace to you :)


Is hacking Duolingo legal? Better fix it Duolingo or you're gonna get hacked! ; )


Pronunciations please


is baabu -> big? not amazing


baab = door

baabun ------- "un" is used to show that "baab" is in the "nominative" or "subjective" case which means the noun "baab" is the subject of the sentence. This "nunation" is used in Modern Standard Arabic but is not used in everyday speech.

kabir = big

mumtaaz = excellent (Though here they're using "amazing", but will accept "excellent".)


So akay i'm an arabic girl and i think that i can help you guys in the prounocition ( sorry for my bad language ) an amazing door باب ممتاز The pronoucition is __ babon momtazon


We can say "bab'un mumtaaz" ? or why not?



(1) "We can say "bab'un mumtaaz? "

Yes, we can. Baabun mumtaaz is the formal way.

(2) "or why not?"

We may also say baab mumtaaz informally for effectiveness -- as people would understand what you say.


It looks like the adjective is written after the noun


بابٌ ممتازٌ

"baab(un) mumtaz(un)"


I'm an Arabic native speaker and we pronounce it ( babun momtazon ) or ( bab momtaz ) and it means an excellent or an amazing foor


Im not convinced with the word amazing


The trasnlating part is to hard in arabic

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