"This food is good."

Translation:هٰذا الْأَكْل طَيِّب.

June 27, 2019

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Why does it seem that this translates to "This the food is good" and not "This food is good?"


In English, nouns which follow demonstratives (such as 'this' and 'that') do not need the definite article because it is implied.

In Arabic, the food (in your question) refers to something definite so must still carry the definite article.


Is Tayyib a synonym of jayyid, or are they used differently?


'Tayyib' is used for food (for example you can say 'el akel tayyib' which means 'the food is good/delicious'), whereas 'jayyid' means 'good' (generally speaking)


When asked how we are in Saudi Arabia we reply Ana tayyib


That's may not be the most common way to express that you are doing well .... Ana jayyid أنا جيد is more common


That may not be... (not "That's may...")


طيب is more like nice


I have a perpetual problem here with words using the superscript alif: my keyboard does not have it, so I cannot put it in my answer. According to the wikipedia article on superscript alif, most Arabic keyboards don't have it. This question requires "this" (hatha) in the answer: if I hover the cursor over "this", I get three different spellings, one with superscript alif, one with noting, and one with the short vowel. If you put in either of the others, it is rejected. So, what am I supposed to do? I can fudge it by going to the word bank, but I want to learn how to type this stuff on my own. I got in touch with the duolingo staff about this, who said that something would be done, but as far as I can tell nothing has been done. What do you people do about this? And do you think that this is good enough?


What I do about it is stop using diatrics. I also want to learn to write on my own, but I settle just for letters. Then it accepts the answer. From what I see, in daily writing, they aren't used anyway, except maybe in cases if ambiguous pronunciation.


you can use unicode (on a computer) to get the superscript alif - 0670 - I do this and then have just been copying and pasting for هٰ - although now the لٰ has come into it as well... :D


Why are there two options of الاْكل , one with َ over the first letter and one without?


Doesn "طَيِّب" mean kind?


It means "good" when it applies to food. "Delicious" would better be rendered "لذيذ." It's also used to mean "good" in general in Classical and Gulf Arabic, as far as I'm aware.


Yes, a more appropriate word than good is delicious.


But "delicious" in English is very strong indeed. Does that apply to طَيِّب? Or is it just generally good?


It is generally good Delicious = لذيذ


Thanks, kara. So you wouldn't add جدا to it? I know some people say "very delicious", but that's poor English. Delicious is a superlative in itself.


Which is it guys, dagger alif or no dagger alif?


Food is الطعام not الأكل. الأكل is the activity


This is wrong. While the latter is more common in 'dialect', both are in fact used in Modern Standard Arabic. See Hans Wehr.


In a different lesson, Duo said that الاكل meant eating/to eat.


Compare German "Essen." The same word is used for both "eating" and "food" by some Arabs. In Arabic, infinitives in general are much more heavy-duty than their English counterparts, and it's very common to also use them to refer to the object of the process, or the result, rather than just the process itself.


Not clear enough


Can I also say طعام for food?

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