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  5. "هَل وِلايَتهُ غالْية؟"

"هَل وِلايَتهُ غالْية؟"

Translation:Is his state expensive?

June 27, 2019



That's not how you express that in Arabic. You would rather say: هل الأسعار غالِية في ولايته or هل المعيشة غالية في ولايته


We, in Lebanon, would express it that way quite naturally. The makers of the course are trying to include sprinkles of dialects in the course to teach useful every day language. They're not trying to teach pure MSA here. They're trying to strike a balance between MSA and spoken language. As they mentioned in an article linked during the course launch:

we’re teaching a less-formal, spoken version of Modern Standard Arabic — not the version that would appear in poetry or formal news broadcasts, but instead the version that would be used once a newscaster stopped reading from their script and started talking to their interviewee. It’s a version of the language that can be used in a formal conversation, but one that also can be used with the widest range of Arabic speakers.

You can read their full article here https://making.duolingo.com/what-makes-arabic-hard-and-why-that-shouldnt-stop-you-from-learning-it


a small edit: they are including sprinkles of 'Levantine dialect' spoken by about 10% of Arabs, and providing us an effectively wrong course in Arabic.

This phrasing is not used in Egyptian Arabic or in Gulf dialect Arabic either.


Why? Do you want to buy it? I think, the question should be, "is LIVING IN his state expensive?"


Can I please have a definitive pronunciation of this suffix?

It has been pronounced prob 3 different ways. Is the diacritic essentially silent? Pronounced like a dipthong?


Im pretty much pronouncing it like the long O in "boat"


I am currently living in a wilayat and this is definitely not a state. District should be accepted as well.


His state is wilayatuh ??


A state can be expensive to live in, a state can be rich. How can a state be expensive?

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