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"لا، لا تَسْكُن في مَدينَتي يا سيث."

Translation:No, you do not live in my city, Seth.

June 27, 2019



No, don't live in my city Seth. Should be accepted as a correct translation. It is your fault to not specify whether it is لا تَسْكُنْ or لا تَسْكُنُ the former seemed more expected to me because you didn't write أنت لا تسكن


okay, I am super bad on Arabic verb conjugation, but I do believe there is a difference between the imperative and the simple present, negated. I am basing this on all the other languages I know and the fact that Arabic has MORE conjugations than ANY of them, so I cannot fathom that there wouldn't be a difference. It is not logical, and Arabic, though extremely difficult, is also an extremely logical language in many respects.


I don't understand the difference between taskun and yaskun. I thought taskun might be used when speaking to a female and yaskun for males but then this sentence came up and I'm sure seth is a male name but taskun was used... I'd really appreciate it if anyone can explain this to me :)


im confused too.


AllForTheGame3, HaroldGarr6:

Here we use "taskun(u)" (you live) because we talk with Seth (who is in front of us, is a male interlocutor). We do not talk about him, which it will be "yaskun(u)" (he lives).


1) you (2nd person masc. sing.) live = she (3rd person fem. sing.) live = تَسْكُنُ taskun(u)

2) he (3rd person masc. sing.) live = يَسْكُنُ yaskun(u)


Thank you so much, that makes perfect sense. So because Seth is present and we are directly speaking to him, 'taskun' is used.


Glad to hear that it helps, AllForTheGame3! Yes, you're absolutely correct :))


Yaskun=He lives Taskun=She lives Taskun= You(m) live Taskuniin= You(f) live


'No she doesn't live in my city seth' should be accepted also.


please accept town instead of city too


انت لا تسكن في مدينتي يا سيث ، thats more correct


Well it's ridiculous. I'm an Arab but the translation here is incorrect. It sounds more like an imperative sentence not present simple.


Why is "she does not live" rejected, it makes more sense. I am sure Seth is aware of where he lives and doesn't need to be told. Taskun = you live Taskun= she lives

You never know whether it is you or she


I gave another altogether possible translation, no?

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