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  5. "Duo is fun."

"Duo is fun."

Translation:دُوو مُمتِع.

June 27, 2019



By the way, Duo is also a Turkish female given name, and is used frequently in the Turkish Duolingo course. It originates in Arabic, but in Arabic is pronounced دعاء (du3aa2). Here, we can tell we mean the male Duo, not the female Duo, because the adjective didn't get the female ending: ممتعة (mumti3ah/mumti3at-un)


There is no such name as Duo in Turkish.


Is there any way to get this script font/writing larger? When you just learning it is hard to see. And a way to hear your choice eould be good too


Now if we could just get Duolingo to install something like this. Do you have any pull?


First two of these say "site cannot provide a secure connection" . Third one is just blank. Am using 3G android mobile. Really fed up with trying to get bigger script. Any help appreciated.


I have no confidence that Duolingo is going to supply us with a larger script. If the contributors could do it, I think they would have done it already. What I do is press "ctrl" and "+" on my keyboard to make the script larger and "ctrl" and "0" to bring it back to normal size.


Mine has option in settings to enlarge text. The Arabic script has put me off on several attempts to learn the language. I have found it helpful to learn the script on utube where it is presented much larger. Then seeing it smaller isn't so much of a problem. Still wondering why Arabs have such good eyesight. Trying to find oases in deserts?


Isnt mumtaz means 'amazing'?


"Excellent" is an even better translation. But there is no "mumtaz" in this sentence; "mumti3" is the word used to describe Duo.


Yes duo is fun,now release my family


This app is literally tooo good i just learned 40% of arabic in just 1 day!!!


Is ممتع related to ممتز?


No, they are separate. ممتع translates more to "enjoyable" while ممتز can be most accurately translated to "perfect" or "excellent." They're similar in sound but not related.

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