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  5. "I like Italy a lot."

"I like Italy a lot."

Translation:أُحِبّ إيطالْيا كَثيراً.

June 27, 2019



I believe this sentence to be wrongly translated. It should be "تعجبني", since that's the actual meaning of the word like, unlike love.

Example: I like this vase. Correct Arabic translation would be: أعجبتني هذه المزهرية Liking as opposed to Love, which would be:

I love this vase, أحببت هذه المزهرية.


You're trying to forcibly create correspondences between English and Arabic words when the two languages work differently. 2u7ibbu can translate to both "I like" and "I love." Tu3jibuni would translate to "I am liking" or something: it'd imply you are actively forming an opinion about Italy as you speak, or if you use the past tense as you did in أعجبتني هذه المزهرية, that you're speaking about the moment in which you reached that opinion, rather than describing a long-term opinion that you've already settled upon and which only matters as far as the fact that it actually exists, rather than the particular circumstances under which you made up your mind to begin with.


What is the difference 'kathiran' and 'jiddan'?

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