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  5. "I also like Holland."

"I also like Holland."

Translation:أُحِبّ هولَنْدا أَيْضاً.

June 27, 2019



-- first day of Beta, apparently -- sound seems very good compared to other courses I've worked with --


It's actually not, though; you can barely find a prompt without at least one minor mistake. Most of the mistakes are grammatical, but there is a glaring mistake here and there that could actually render you incomprehensible. In fact, I'd bet this course has the very worst audio in Duolingo, without exaggeration, but it's not due to incompetence, so much as it is due to the very nature of the Arabic script as an abjad that doesn't denote short vowels. Hebrew would have faced the same problem if it weren't recorded by actual human beings.


The word also can become before the word Holland. It doesn't have to be I love Holland also.


May be this particular course was by non natives.

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