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  5. "David is English."

"David is English."

Translation:دَوود إِنْجِليزِيّ.

June 27, 2019



We would pronounce it "ingliziyy(-un)" not "injliziyy." It could alternately be spelt إِنْكْلِيزِيٌّ.


What Arabic dialect is that? I haven't heard ingliziyy-un before. I'm pretty sure injiliziyy (or ingliziyy) are also correct.


I think even in dialects where ج is not normally pronounced as g, ingliziyy is still a common pronounciation because it's a loanword.

My Arabic teachers in college never used the j sound for this word, even though the course was designed to teaching multiple dialects and Standard Arabic.


Ya I think it’s cause it’s a loanword, but if others are wondering about other cases, ج is always pronounced j in MSA and usually g in dialects


I thought it was pronounced inglizi.

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