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"Dakar and Baku"

Translation:داكار وَباكو

June 27, 2019



Maybe add the audio so we can here it/them after we give an answer.

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It's right here. The blue button next to the question at the top of this page.


It's not in the exercise though. That's what he means. You have to come to the discussion to hear it. A constant problem with Duolingo since I started here 3 years ago. But of course they do nothing to fix the flaws of their platform, only change of design etc for show...


The only time I've not seen sound in an exercise here was when the exercise was for reading comprehension. Pronouncing the name of the city or person when one clicked on it would be a dead give away of the answer and not be testing ones reading ability.


Literally ALL exercises on this course are dead givaways. Tap the pairs, what sound does this make, select the writing for "whatever"... What are the "reading comprehension" exercises in your opinion? The one where we choose the translation among 3 given choices never has sound on any course. What's that?


The ones I was referring to reference names and cities are the ones in the alphabet learning section that have three words or phrases in a row with no sound when you click on them.

I don't think all exercises are a dead giveaways, unless you always want them to be by always looking for the definition before you select the response.

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If you want to learn, you don't need to click on the option with the sound first when matching pairs.


How come Dakar becomes "Daakaar" as opposed to "Dakar"?


I don't know if it is intentional here, but Dakar is pronounced more like Dakaar in Senegal, with lots of vocal fry on "aa" and very drawn out. I am also guessing that "دَكـَر" would have "a" sounds too clipped to be so understood.


I entered in دَكَر and got it it correct, so i guess duolingo is flexible with which type of 'a' you use.


We were talking about Bob and George and Judy and Rosa... and now everyone is named Dakar and Baku and stuff, I feel like I am on the set of La Casa de Papel (Money Heist).

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Dakar and Baku are placenames.


Yeah I know, umm, you probably want to have seen the series Money Heist before just guessing at the intention of what I was saying. In Money Heist, many of the characters have city names as their names (Tokyo, Rio, Berlin, Helsinki, Oslo, Moscow, Stockholm, Denver, Nairobi and more). But the police have normal names, like Raquel and Angelo. So I was saying that going from George and Rosa to Dakar and Baku was like being on the set of that show.


how am i suposed to write in arabic


You don't have to write in Arabic. But, if you want to, just add the Arabic script. Google how to do that for your particular computer or phone.


Like that داكار وباكو Use your keyboard settings bottom to change it.


i prefer using laptop than phone, and i bought arabic sticker keyboard, doing so i just need to activate arabic keyboard under setting and type on


Shouldn't the 'k' ending in Baku be the other version? More looking like flipped 'L' than 'K'?


Baku doesn't have a "k" ending though... It ends with "u" (و) so the k-letter is in the middle of the word.


Why is there a Wa- on the front of Baku?


"Wa" means "and". It is attached to the word that follows it.

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