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Arabic Word of the Day 63# - [Journey in Arabia 5# - Egypt Facts!] ... Or shall I say Misr! ;p

Hey everyone! Today we're going to slide from Djibouti all the way to possibly the most popular destination in Africa; Egypt! Enjoy! Also, I hope you're enjoying the new Arabic release! :

  1. Cairo is the most populated city in Egypt and it’s also the capital city.

  2. The official language of Egypt is Arabic, but some people also speak other languages like French and English.

  3. The official name of Egypt is Jumhuriyat Misr al3arabiya, meaning “the Arab Republic of Egypt” in English. The Egyptians also refer to their country as Misr [In Arabic remember?]

  4. With a total estimate of about 92.1 million people, Egypt is the largest Arab country in the world. It ranks higher than Iraq and Saudi Arabia which ranks 2nd and 3rd respectively.

  5. Egypt is the 15th country with the highest population in the world, with 99% of the country’s people living on just 5.5% of the land.

  6. Tourism is a major economic activity in Egypt, accounting for about 12% of the country’s workforce.

  7. By virtue of area, Egypt is the 30th biggest country in the world. It measures approximately 1,001,450 square miles, which is almost 10 times larger than South Korea.

  8. The shape of the Egyptian pyramids is said to have been inspired by the sun rays. According to the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, the king’s soul ascended along the sun rays to the sun god.

  9. The Egyptian Flag is tricolor consisting of red, white and black colors. The red color is a representation of the struggle against the British colonialists before their independence. White represents the 1952 revolution that ended the monarchy without a war, while black symbolizes the oppression of the Egyptian under the British rule.

  10. Egypt has the most Facebook users compared to any other country in the Middle East. It ranks 21st in the world, with an average of more than 20.14 million internet users. This social network highly contributed and led to the success of the 2011 Egyptian revolution.

  11. Gypsy is a short name for “Egyptian”.

  12. Egyptian hieroglyphs have over 700 symbols. This ancient language was used by Egyptians to write down their history and communicate, making it one of the earliest languages to be used. Much of what people know about Egypt is as a result of hieroglyphic writing found in archeological sites.

  13. Most Egyptian traditions and festivals trace their origin back to the time of pharaohs. The Egyptians also draw many traditions from their religion (Islam).

  14. Egypt is largely covered by a desert, receiving only 20mm of rain per year.

  15. Approximately 95% of Egypt’s population lives along the banks of river Nile, which is known to be the longest river on the globe.

  16. Though Egypt is 90% desert, approximately 30% of their workforce is in agriculture.

  17. Id al Fitr is one of the biggest celebrations in Egypt. It comes immediately after Ramadan and the Egyptians bake special cookies and host parties.

  18. Islam is the common religion with 90% of the population being Muslims.

  19. The most popular sport in Egypt is soccer but they also take part in tennis, squash, and swimming.

  20. Of all the Arab countries, Egypt is the only one that has a movie industry.

  21. Besides Cairo, other major cities in Egypt are Alexandria and Giza.

  22. Egypt is known for their two major deserts, the Libyan and the Sahara Desert. These deserts cover a significant part of the country’s land.

  23. The pyramid of Giza is among the seven wonders of both the ancient and the modern world.

  24. Landslides, Flash floods, and droughts are some of the natural disasters that affect the people of Egypt. Other common calamities in Egypt include Sandstorms, dust-storms, and windstorms, also known as “Khamsin”.

  25. Aged over 5000 years, the oldest dress in the world is found in Egypt.

  26. Egypt’s national animal is the Steppe eagle. The Egyptian flag also features the eagle of Saladin, inspired by ancient Egyptian texts written all over temples to signify dignity and pride.

  27. The renowned statue of liberty was intended to be installed in the land of the Pharaohs (Egypt).

  28. The famous pyramid of Giza has some passageways that have never been explored. This pyramid actually has 8 sides and not four as most people believe.

  29. Visitors are expected to take off their shoes before going into religious buildings.

  30. Egypt ranks 124th in the world in terms of life expectancy. The average life expectancy is 72.66 years, with males living for about 70.07 years while the female range at 75.38 years.

  31. In an attempt to conquer the frequent annual flooding of the river Nile, Egypt has one of the largest manmade dams: Aswan high dam.

  32. The oldest surviving mathematical work in Egypt is titled “The Entrance into the Knowledge of All Existing Things and All Obscure Secrets”. This work was written by Ahmes in the 1650 B.C. its written on the Rhine mathematical papyrus.

  33. The Beqa is the oldest standard weight used in Egypt. Its still used in the modern world.

  34. The Ancient Egyptian religion has over 14,000 gods and goddesses.

  35. Egypt has the oldest prosthetic limb in the world. The wooden toe belonged to an ancient Egyptian woman at around 1000 B.C.

  36. The world’s oldest D20 dice was found in Egypt. It dates back to around 30 B.C.

  37. There are about 2,060 square kilometers of unclaimed land in the border between Sudan and Egypt.

  38. Egypt’s lost city of Heracleion was discovered under the sea after 1200 years.

  39. The Egyptian mummies were found to contain traces of cocaine and nicotine.

I think that personally I found this post to be one of the most interesting ones I’ve done mainly because there was plenty of facts to choose from as Egypt is a very popular destination, especially with the [no offence] Westerners who don’t know their Geography ;p [some of them do; but it’s rare]

Anyways! Thanks for reading! If you found this interesting, you might like this blog I found on some traditional Egyptian food [fava beans came up first of course! XD] I’ll link it below! Have a Nice Night and sorry if I don’t reply quickly to your comments [quite busy] :D


June 27, 2019



I think the Egyptian dialect would be a good one to learn because of the movie industry you mentioned in number 20. I think their movies and soaps are broadcasted and watched in a lot of Arab countries so most Arabs understand the Egyptian dialect. Don't know if that's true though. Maybe someone knows more about this.


Yup exactly! A lot of media is based in Egypt [also Qatar and the rich ones] but yeah, a lot of tv shows and series as well as movies are Egyptian, so we tend to catch their dialect quite quickly! It is decently close to normal Arabic too unlike Moroccan [for example] which I think is majorly affected by Amazigh and French. So yeah, in general, I guess Egyptian is one of the best options in that sense :)


You forgot to include a link to your first post of this series, to help people to see them all.

Might i ask what you mean by "Egypt is a very popular destination, especially with the [no offence] Westerners who don’t know their Geography ;p [some of them do; but it’s rare]"

Is it that tourists tend to be ignorant sometimes? Because i lived in a touristtown & yes, that definitely could be said to be a thing. I don't think that's exclusive to tourists in Egypt though, but something that happens the world over. Should i ever find myself in China, i probably would be doing some terribly stupid things & not adhere to the local culture or if i knew this one thing, trying to overcompensate with that over & over.



No, I meant that the even the westerners that live between their own walls know Egypt ;p You have a good point though :)


Nice facts! Truth is I wanna go Egypt someday! ^-^


I've already been there :D ... When I was a baby which is SO pointless! I went everywhere when I was a little kid and nowhere when I could actually enjoy it! ;p


Hey. You're lucky at least you've been loads of places. By the time I was ten, the furthest I had gone was Southend-on-Sea.


I was like between 0 and 6yrs when I actually went to places! Ever since I got stuck in England [I mean I was born here but yeah] I haven't even left my doorstep during the holidays [except to go buy milk or that one miraculous time I went to Saudi Arabia which was when I was in yr3]


ذهبت إلى مركش

It was very beautiful. Went there when I was 11. Only time I ever went abroad. ;p


Hmm I'll think about it! XD JK So basically Once Upon a Time there was a "beautiful" amazing tiny girl called Sassy! [sounds familiar?] She was in Year 3 aka: 7 years old! And she was quite tiny for her age [but anyways, her beauty compensated for that], and so this girl went on a long trip to Saudi Arabia on a plane sitting with her elder sister between two random men while her brother sat between his parents! .... Anyways! So she was going to this place which she can't remember now, but she thinks it was the Green Dome in AlMedina [which is where the prophet - PBUH - was buried].

Now there were two sections to it, one for women and one for men and people were going to the front and praying. And because this is a BIG deal for Muslims, it is crammed! And when I say crammed I mean CRAMMED! SO they stood outside waiting for the door to open and they read a sign just outside the door saying "We advise not to bring children in" ... [you can guess what they did next]

So they went in. As the door opened, all the giant people ran in like there was no tomorrow! And they went in too! It was SO crowded and they were fighting past the giant butts that were in their faces. It was an ACOPALYPSE.

So the mother was shouting at the crazy animals, sister was crying and screaming in their faces [uselessly] and Sassy was laughing and karate chopping their asses until an old crinkly twig of a lady climbed on to her back in an attempt to not get trampled on in the giant crowd.

Anyways, her mum mercilessly did RKO on the old lady and yeah... ;p The threesome battled their way through to the end and this huge nice lady saved them and all the fat animals left them way and they walked down the red carpet until they closed the door behind them.

Then they looked at the sign breathlessly and sighed.


Moral of the story: Don't take children into the Green Dome unless in the mens' section [they had officers and walked in order... WOW!]


Saudi Arabia was awesome! [except from that time when an old crinkly lady climbed onto my back! XD Long story...]


An old lady got on your back!? Tell us about it XD STORY TIME WITH SASSY!


OMG Yas tell us that story


That's some funny story. I'm actually surprised you survived that! I would have been dead in a straight second. XD


LOL XD!!! That is hilarious. And I thought Sunday morning church could get crowded sometimes LOL

Thanks for sharing, I needed a good laugh.


Which is quite far if you happen to live in Christchurch NZ. (^.^)


Which isn't too far if you happen to live in London


Where is South end on sea anyways? Well I know it's obviously in the South


Somewhere in Essex idk

Like it's 2/3 hours away from London. ^-^


Oh Essex is right next to London! It's only an hour away from London! it probably felt like 3h XD I'm 3h and a half away from S on Sea ;p [SIGH Londoners! XD JK]


Nice! Thanks for this! I'd recommend checking out Geography Now's video on Egypt if you haven't seen it yet. It's pretty good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdNw0g7SOMc


:O That is so creepy! I literally watched that exact video yesterday!! Thanks for the recommendation nevertheless! :D


Woah nice! I haven't met another geograpeep before! :D


This is one of my favorite countries you have covered!

Westerners who don’t know their geography?! Wait a minute..... LOL


Don't deny it! ;p I'm not being rude, but honestly it is quite true! For example, it happens to be that I study Geography in England! When I picked it, I thought I would enjoy learning about the WORLD! ...

.... UK Weather Hazards, UK Extreme Weather [once in a life-time earthquake that no-one knew about, until it was exaggerated on the news], UK Landscapes, UK Water, UK Food, UK Rivers, UK Congestion, UK Pollution, UK Trade, UK GDP, UK Health and services, UK Pond Ecosystems... And when you think you've hand enough of the UK for a day... You step outside the classroom... BREXIT! will the UK leave the EU? -.-

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