June 27, 2019



I think the translation مُمتِعٌ = fun is kind of misleading. "Fun" (in English) is a noun and used colloquially as an adjective ("He is fun."). The Arabic word مُمتِعٌ is an adjective and not a noun. It can mean a lot of things - however, "funny" is not at all the first meaning that comes to my mind. I perceive ٌمُمتِع as a word to describe something "interesting", "pleasant" or maybe "entertaining" in certain contexts.


That's just fine. "Fun" usualy means a mix of "entertaining" and "pleasant", with a touch of "interesting" as well since it's definitely not "boring". However it does not necessarily mean "funny", which generally implies humor. In short, "fun" makes you smile, while "funny" make you laugh.


First of all, I am sorry I couldn't get my message across ... but I fear it is not just fine. The problem is that مُمْتِعٌ is NOT a noun. "Fun" however is (it doesn't matter that it is colloquially used as an adjective). You can't use مُمْتِعٌ like the English noun "fun" in other contexts. It's like trying to teach people the word ٌمُشْمِس ("sunny") by telling them that it means "sun". It's a mistake and you won't be able to use the word correctly in Arabic. For the rest, you confirmed exactly what I said: "funny-ha-ha" is not an option - so I was trying to suggest alternative translations (that are real adjectives).


Christoph, probably most people where I'm from use "fun" as an adjective these days. I've heard it used that way as long as I can remember, so it doesn't sound strange to my ears. Modern dictionaries list "fun" as both a noun and an adjective, though my old dictionary does not. My small Arabic/English dictionary gives "enjoyable" as the translation of "mumti3". Do you think people who use "fun" as an adjective and as a synonym for "enjoyable" will have difficulty using ممتع correctly?


Hello Benton. Duolingo is trying to reduce grammar teaching to a minimum, and that's OK. However, some basics are most important to understand the patterns of Arabic. That's all I was saying. Again: this is about learning Arabic, not English - so it doesn't matter how the word "fun" is used in English, but ممتع in Arabic. So it is indeed very confusing to tell Arabic learners that ممتع means "fun" (without telling them that it can never be a noun in Arabic) because they might use it wrong in another context - e.g. when they are trying to literally translate the sentence "I had a lot of fun" into Arabic. However, I am giving up on that one, as nobody seems to share my opinion. I guess my way of learning Arabic was too much grammar oriented :-)


Christoph55835 nobody shares your opinion because it is slightly wrong. 'Fun' is rarely used as a true noun in English. To say that someone has 'fun' is actually a verb...To Have Fun is the infinitive form of the verb. Saying that something "is fun" is tantamount to saying that something "is sad", "is happy" or "is angry". Those are all adjectives, not nouns. The noun forms of those words are "sadness", "happiness", and "anger". That you for your further explanation of ممتع, but a native speaker of English is not going to have any issue understanding how to use ممتع as "fun".


It could also mean "مُتعة" as a noun


I wonder if ممتع and ممتاز are somehow related; I get them confused often because they have the same first three consonants

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