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Arabic course!! review from a native

Hi! I hope you're doing well My name is Amen/Eymen I'm from algeria and I'm native arabic and french anyway I finished the course and yes I want to say that arabic course is so cool and fun but after I finished the tree I want to give my opinion.. first of all I want to say that every coutry has a special dialect and a lot of stuff let's don't talk about those stuffs you can search for it this course is standed arabic but not exactly! you can feel an egyptian accent or you can find some egyptian words in there like for example
(shanta(egypetian word )>7a9iba(standed arabic)...in my dialect is (caba)) there is another words but this is not a problem egyptian accent is so expert and rich culture to enjoy and the most understandable !! ok not like mineXD(the hardest dialect) anyway something else I want to say the phreases are not related to each others but I think it's ok to for a beginner you will learn more in the future don't worry .. I can advice you to write a lot in arabic ,watch egyptian cenima , work a lot in (ق,ض,ظ,ح) because if you do you'll be a native 100% those letters are the arabic XD...and yes there is a diffrence between(ض,ظ) if you know it you will speak the arabic more than an arabic actually the algerian accent is the most easier for you if you're native romance or even slavic languges [(schoola(algerian)=школа(Russian)=school(english)=Schule(German)= madrasa(arabic)).... there are too many] but it's hard to a native arabic but I advice you learn egyptian arabic or lebonese arabic or any arabic from the middle east because it's the most understandable than if you want to be more you can start to learn algerian accent or moroccan arabic because I don't know if you can find a lot algerian arabic online moroccan dialect is like algerian but it uses more arabic word than algerian. tunisian arabic is like algerian and morrocan but it uses more italian words, libyan too (I hope I write that correct ) if you have anyquestion please ?...... I hope to be this helpful and get an idea about that course !and excus my english i'm not native but remember my english is better than your arabic

June 27, 2019



I hadn't seen that. What a great read. I'm glad you shared it.


¡Gracias NeoNeko77! Es muy bueno el artículo. Saludos.


Amiin I thank you for your comments and notations on dialect versus Modern Standard Arabic (MSA or fusHaa). Noting the words and their dialect is awesome! Knowing the difference is very important to my progress in recovering all the MSA I forgot. Please keep posting like this. I am contributing a couple of lingots to you for your effort. Thank you so much for the post. Congratulations and remain safe ^.^


oh thank you ,I'll try my best ;)


Thank you very much for this helpful information! Arabic is one of my favorite languages and I'm really excited to be learning it. I also have some friends from Morocco so I can get what you're saying, especially for the dialects... What I mostly liked was the last thing you wrote though, "but remember my English is better thank your Arabic" xDDD


lol brah XD that's the truth


I completely lost it reading that line XD


Thank you. I was really eager to know a native speaker perspective. And your English was great. :)

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    Yesssssss! The Egyptian accent is driving me insane! That's my number 1 complaint about this course!


    When I saw that almost all of the contributors to the course were Egyptian, I figured that the dialect would somewhat find its way in here even though it is supposed to be MSA. In retrospect it's not really a big deal to help people get started learning the language.


    '[...] but remember my english is better than your Arabic' that was cheeky lol true though ;)


    "Remember my English is better than your Arabic"

    Let's see if it is true:

    Me: I only know the alphabet, a few vocabulary and a grasp of pronunciation and grammar of Arabic.

    You: You have few orthographic errors... it seem you have no grammatical errors in English... OK you are right.


    Very true! As they say, where's the lie? :)


    Thanks for your post friend, i like you language (is my favorite the arabic) Saludes from mexico


    gracias amigo!! mi gosto espanol de mexico tembien (mi espanol no es mucho bien lol )


    jajaj awebo, yo tambien soy de mexico ajjajajaajjajajajajjajajjajaja


    mucha cultura richa y comida XD (so bad spanish I know XD)


    Thank you for reviewing it! I wasn't sure if I should continue because I didn't know how accurate it would be since Arabic has so many different dialects and is so widely spoken.


    oh you'e welcome ;)


    Thanks for pointing that out, I hope someday even Tamazight language will be on here- it has a very beautiful script.


    yep that's cool


    Thank you for all your useful comments!


    you're welcome ;)


    Amen, which dialect is closer to MSA?


    No one all the dialect has the same base of MSA but diffrent in vocabulary... but we all understand MSA and there are dialect which all understanded like Egyptian and lebanese ... I'll tell you an exemple to understand the word : my heart = 9albi(MSA,center of Algeria)-Gualbi(West of Algeria,morocco,)-Guilbi(lybia,East of algeria tunisia)-Albi(Egypt,Labonese...) -Jalbi(Middle East) and the Centrel of algeria are only in this word not it doesnt mean its the closer to MSA

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    That's the one I wanted to ask, but you answered that. So the pronunciation we hear in the course is Egyptian :) Is it good that we have that, or bad? As I know this is quite a famous accent in the Arabic world...


    that's modern standard arabic but just with some egyptian words .. no problem if you learn it because you will know the diffrences later it's not a big deal and egyptian is good don't worry

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    OK, so this is the MSA. But then... how come, that /a/ is pronounced as /e/? I have just checked the wikipedia page of MSA and they have /a/ there, not /e/... No problem, I like it, I am just curious, on which Arabic pronunciation this MSA was created then? When I was trying to learn Arabic ages ago, I knew, "I, me" is /ana/, and now I hear /ene/ on Duolingo... Also, there is that consonant (ج), which is pronounced, based on wiki, as /j/ in "jungle", but I hear it as /j/ in the French way (like /s/ in "measure" in English). How come?


    and about /j/... it's like /s/ in "measure" in English it has only one pronunction but sometimes it's diffrent in dialects but not in standard arabic

    [deactivated user]

      No. That's a purely Egyptian thing. Jeem is not pronounced like s in measure.


      omg ! nope that's not the egyptien jeem because in egypt they don't pronunce jeem like that ...they pronunce it 'G' like good but the correct pronunction in standard arabic is jeem like measure

      [deactivated user]

        Seriously? I give you ONE example to prove you wrong: حجاب Hijab. Pronunciation: "hi-djaab" (I am using the "dj" combo to show you that the jeem is a hard j, and not that annoying zhaa sound).

        How do Egyptians say this common, everyday word? "hee-zhab."

        Egyptians are the ONLY native Arabic speakers who say it this way.

        Judging from your picture, you look very young. Perhaps you haven't encountered many people, outside the internet.


        first of all eyptian says 'Hi-gaab*' not 'Hi-zhaab'...and jeem isn't that hard,the hardests are ق,ض,ظ,ح ... I I know you want to help but course can't teaches you all the arabic ... look this course just for add you more basic and knowledge about langauge. SOME BASIC THINGS ! ... and if you learn that'll help you I don't know what's your goal enjoy the cultures or maybe read books and when you do these you will speak arabic... and by the way this is an old picture I'm 15 years old this pict and now I'm 20


        look bro in arabic there is only 3 vowels and other 3 which are a long version of the first 3 there is 'A' it pronunces like 'U' in 'fun'/long version is AAAAA second is 'OO' it pronunces like 'oo' in 'food'/long version is OOOO the last is 'EE' it pronunces like 'ee' in 'see'/ long version is EEEEE so simple !!!
        maybe you will see a double marks up or down the letter ... I don't know what exacty we call them in english but in arabic we call them 'علامة التشكيل' (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabic_diacritics)you can read this article that'll help you soo much as a bigenner anyway if you find double marks just pronunce it with 'n' at the end . by the way you'll with those double marks only at the end of word that doesn't start with 'ال=the in arabic' no that's not hard just need a practice ... after you become advance on this go to verb phrase and noun phrase(slow down those are just the phrase that starts by noun or verb) you will now there you can put the correct marks in the right place

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        I know that there are those three vowels, as we write them in Europe, in a non-English way, a, u and i (so the fun, boot and feet vowels), but I clearly hear /e/ (as in English hat) in many words, which was written with a... like "ana" sounds like /ene/ (approx. English an-a). That's why I think, that vowel pronuniation is a dialect...

        [deactivated user]

          It is. You're exactly right. Alif is more generally pronounced "ahh," not "eh," like it is here on Duolingo.

          This is once again the Egyptian accent/dialect coming through. I really wish that Duolingo would have either gone with a more standard Arabic pronunciation, or had offered options.


          doe95: How about the pronunciation of alif and fatHa. Is there only one sound pronounced short and long in Classical Arabic or many sounds like in our classes' recordings?


          the pronounciation is not egyptian. it is modern standard arabic. just some words are more used in egyptian than in formal/ offical MSA. egyptian pronounciation is significantly differnt from MSA so its... probably good its more standardized language her

          [deactivated user]

            The pronunciation is most definitely Egyptian. Just listen to how they pronounce the letter jeem. Only Egyptians do that. This is such a stereotypical Egyptian thing to do, other Arabs can spot an Egyptian just by HEARING them say a word with the letter jeem in it.

            I have no idea why Duolingo is using this pronunciation. Some of the pronunciation is so bad, words can be barely understood.


            oh I guess it's no problem for that still can the arabs understand that and can communicate by that.... and if you see before that the egyptian cinema is the richest in arabs so you can watch a lot of movies and enjoy the language without talking about the history

            [deactivated user]

              I'm guessing that you have no idea how much the Egyptian accent gets made fun of by other Arabs. By peninsular Arabs and Arabs from the Levant.

              When it comes to properly learning a language, I don't think people should be worrying about what is being used in movies.


              I'm an arab and I live in an arabic country but I guess you follow medias too much...I want to tell you that the things that you see it in medias are not truth... I know all the dialacts of arabic and we all respect the other ..I meet friends around arab world ..iraq eygpt,lebanon...I guess all of them... and never get the idea of making fun of another dialect actually we love to speak the diffrent dialects that's awesome and teach us a lot about the arabic language


              I have to agree with Amen on this point. Egyptians pronounce the "jeem" like the American English letter "g" in the word "good." The pronunciation of the "jeem" on Duolingo is like the the "s" in the American English word "measure."


              Thank you for sharing your impressions! Arabic is difficult for me so far. The alphabet is difficult but I practice 10 minutes per day and hope with perseverance that I will make progress. Since I'm still working on the alphabet, I've found nunation/tanwin difficult but am not worrying about it for now. Just keep practicing and hope things will become clearer with time.


              شكرا جزيلا يا حبيبي and YES, your English is way better than our Arabic ;)


              Very interesting, thanks!

              Would it be helpful to have more specific Arabic courses in Duolingo? (From Algeria, Morocco, Syria, Lebanon, etc?)

              To learn the differences or missing pieces in the one we have now?


              Your right, I tried the msa course from an Algerian standpoint and I only know of fusha , sine living all my life In Canada.... its almost has if I’m learning from ground 0!!! Indeed, Algerian dialects use way more French and even have Arab word from French roots.

              Well that’s it, I’ll finish the tree since I find it still good for what it’s for.


              If you want to learn spanish and you have any doubt, just ask me for it ;) salutations du Mexique


              muchas gracias !!!


              Would it be safe for a woman to travel to Egypt alone? I really want to go there!


              Thanks for the great review and comments!


              Is Egyptian closer to levantine dialects or to darija?


              Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


              Sorry, these run-on sentences are a mess to read. I couldn't finish reading this. Present your thoughts more clearly, please.


              I'll try next time

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