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  5. "داكار وَباكو"

"داكار وَباكو"

Translation:Dakar and Baku

June 27, 2019



The alif in Dakar is pronounced two different ways in the recordings in this sentence! The click on words that we choose pronounce alif a, Dakar, in the slow speed but the fast sentence pronounces the alif e, DeKer and Beku. Also, the daal in Dakar sounds like dhal, making the word sound like "dheker". And, when you click on the blue "Dakar" at the top of this page, the alif is pronounced "ai" so the city is pronounced "Daycare". How did we end up with so many different ways to pronounce the same letters, and words?


Is it just me, or was the audio weird?


I think I got used to it.


I didn't use the official translation of داكار وَباكو, but instead transliterated the way that it reads as Daakaar and Bakuu since duolingo is so hellbent on teaching us Arabizi anyway, but duolingo marked it incorrect. inconsistent.


Though should it not b daakaar and baakuu


We're supposed to spell the names of the cities and other words the way they are spelled in English. Transliteration is only used by Duolingo to teach us the sounds of the Arabic letters.


I know what you mean. The same thing happened with me a few weeks ago. It gets kinda annoying at times


Context? Does Duolingo ever say stuff like - translate these two capital cities, these two names, etc?


Yes, I've seen this in e.g. the Korean course. It seems to be a way to practice novel script with familiar sounds.


I didn't know these were names, I thought they were objects!? that's why I didn't know how to translate it. I think they could be more specific.


Please expand the vocab used in these lessons. The same 6 or so words are repetitive and limiting


Words meaning is not there


dakar and baku are NOT arabic words. they're capitals of foreign countries OUTSIDE of the arabian countries, the cut off is Morocco look it up, why are you using african and european counties in an Arabic course? Are you TRYING to confuse learners? educate yourself befor you wreck yourself thnx

source: i lived in the hellhole backward ass middleeast for 17 years of my childhood


Are you saying that it is wrong to teach the names of countries and cities where the citizens are not majority Muslim or Arabic speaking?

Duolingo is still teaching the letters of the Arabic alphabet and they are choosing short names of people and cities in order to do so. Duolingo is not trying to confuse anyone, and I don't think that most students on Duolingo are easily confused. If students don't know what Dakar and Baku are, they can easily google the words and expand their knowledge.

Dakar is the capital of Senegal and Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan, and though these are not Arabic countries, they are Muslim majority countries. Hassaniya Arabic also has the legal status as a "national language" in Senegal.

New York, America, London, England, Paris, France and other cities and countries of the world are also not Arabic words, but you know that they have Arabic spellings and pronunciations and are taught here and in Arabic speaking schools.


Are these common names?


They are the capital cities of Senegal and Azerbaijan. Perhaps not the two best known capital cities relevant to the Arabic speaking world?


True, but they are simple to write with the script introduced thus far!


I don't think so. By the way their places not names but I see what u mean.


very very poor course of Arabic...like Chineese, etc. It's impossible to learn from it.


I somtimes hear Daykar not Dakar. Am I hearing things or is this normal? Please help


I really enjoyed it

<pre> هذا جميل جدا </pre>


يحليلي انا عربية وجاية اتعلم معكم ماتوقعت ان في احد يتعلم عربي

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