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Option to disable Arabic characters lessons in Duolingo exercises

I am more than thrilled that Arabic for English learners is finally offered as a course of study on Duolingo. As a non-native Arabic speaker whose studied the language for over a decade, I'm not in need of refresher exercises that re-teach Arabic phonetics. Is there a potential way for the developers to disable covering Arabic characters in future iterations of the program, after I've already completed the Arabic letters courseware? Are there other non-latin character language courses that have a similar issue?

Thanks شكرا كتير

June 27, 2019



Isn't it possible for you to test out of those, either at the start with a placement test or by using the little key that is featured on every skill-button?


The problem is that the lessons combine both phonetics and vocab / phrases. The easy solution would be to separate out the phonetics and vocab / phrases to separate lessons.


Was thinking the exact same thing. It's a shame that the letters lessons are so drawn out throughout the course. It makes it very tedious to continue as someone who already knows the script. Last night I spent around an hour just trying to get all of them done and out of the way. I hope they won't return...

Other than that though, I've been having a lot of fun with this course so far!

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