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  5. "تامِر جار جَيِّد."

"تامِر جار جَيِّد."

Translation:Tamer is a good neighbor.

June 27, 2019



The speech is glitched!


Seconded. جار sounds more like جَعْر


Im still having trouble discerning between the two! How are you able to?


How would I say, "Tamir has a good neighbour" or "Tamir's neighbour is good" instead?


تامر لديه جار جيد

جار تامر جيد


Im confused, why does one sentence start with Tamer ans next sentence Tamer is in the middle ? Theres a lot of other questions where Its not making logical sense to me


Maybe this clears it a little : تامر لديه جار جيد
read as : Tamir has (a) neigbour (that is) good.
while جار تامر جيد
says : (the) neigbour (of) Tamir (is) good.

see also answer above by FaroukZeino


Tamer has = تامر لديه/عنده

Tamer's neighbor = جار تامر

In the possessive form, the nouns order are flipped compared to the English language.

Ali's car = سيارة علي

Cat's ball = كرة القط

Houes' door = باب المنزل

and so on...


جار تامر جيد


تامر جارٌ جيدٌ


The Tamir I know personally translitterates his name with an "i"—so do most people with that particular sound in their names.


Just for 'a' you gave it wrong that is not fair

  1. To me, Tamir is my Syrian friend; and I think your spelling is as identically arbitrary as mine. Even when I was six, I had the confidence to argue with my teachers, and I have become "only more so"; actually, I can change my opinion, and do; but you have no argument, and I am not doing this to please you, but to please me.
  2. Nevertheless, I really like Duo and notice how you re-enforce my learning when I made a mistake; however, I am surprised that I remember so much; at my age, my memory is very unreliable.


it sounded like she said "tamer je-ar jeyed"; is that a glitch or arabic like -un for indefinite nouns?


Glitch. The pronouncing in this course is not good sometimes. Even the course itself is mixing informal (dialect?) with formal Arabic Fusha


I wrote the same thing but they told me it s wrong


Tamer is good neighbor


I'm using the Arabic(101) keyboard in Windows, does anyone know how I can get the يِّد - little accent thing meaning double letter? I can't find it on the keyboard map anywhere :( I got the answer right by just typing ييِد but it looks wrong.


Hello, i had same problem. Maybe you can find out where it is/how to ... for you on the wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabic_keyboard where some keyboards are pictured. I found how to write the specific "double letter"-thingie on my keyboard (using same arabic(101) by trying out all possible key-combinations. For example key "a" you can make a - A ..(using azerty) - and that same key gives me in arabic(101) ض َ so the "dad" and "a-vowal sign". On my keyboard the top row keys are the "F"-keys, 2d row the numbers... and on this row all to the left is a key with little ² or/and ³ -- using the "shift"+key gives me the ّ -desired double letter sign. To get the little sign exact above the right letter you first type the letter and then hit the "shift+key" to put the sign above it. Hope this helps a bit. +-


AAHAA! Thank you! I am using an image to show me where the keys are, and I hadn't spotted it hiding all the way up in the corner there! Thanks :)


The speech is gliched


Neighbour (not neighbor)!!!


Neighbour is British, and neighbor is American


I''m belgian, in our education we learn british english i gess. For most europeans جار is neighbour and using neighbor will make you fail class. On desktop computer this would give "you have typo" but counting it correct, why not so on mobile.


Neighbour is English and is spelled like that in most of the English speaking world. The United States of America, led by Noah Webster (Webster's Dictionary) took it upon himself to "fix" the English language and removed all linguistic history from words.

Centre -> Center ; Neighbour -> Neighbor ; Cancelled -> Canceled ;

Unfortunately, Duo Lingo is American and forces us to use spelling that will fail us in a school spelling test. I'm Canadian and an educator. I spend a lot of time re-training students to use proper spelling.


Gua cuman ketinggln r nya doang.ya allah.


I had tje the right amswer


Speling is not so worg


Wrong for auto correct typo is>us :(


La la la la la la la la la la


Nighber/Nighbor... My speling in english is slow But the answer was right Fix it

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