"Rawad and Carrie"

Translation:رَواد وَكَري

June 27, 2019

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Is Rawad a male or female name? The blog post online said verbs change depending on gender of the person doing it.


Rawad is a male name and there is no verb here.


Why does the alif in Rawad sound like the "e" in bed, Rawed, instead of "a" like in "father", and also not make the long "aa" sound?


thats how arabic is its wierd but AMAZING


Yes! I've noticed that hte pronunciation of alif isn't uniform, sometimes Aaaa and sometimes Eeee. I haven't been able to work out any rule that governs this. Don't even know if there is one. Please, could a native speaker, or other learned person, tell us if there is any regularity in this?


The truth is: there is no rule. The pronunciation of alif alternates between the sound of 'car' and the sound of 'cat'. How it alternates though is completely dependent on the dialect you want to speak. North African might pronounce it AA when Syrians pronounce it EE and vice versa.


So far, it seems to me that generally it's pronounced E, but after some consonants, it's A, eg after ر , and at least some of the emphatic consonants eg ح . I am very open to correction.


Two months later, I have the impression that it's regularly A afterر and ALL the emphatic consonants. Can anyone confirm?


Thanks. I just wanted to know for lessons in the future.


Why did it tell me I had an extra space after I had checked my answer? What does that mean?


There are actually 2 competing standards for this. We, in Lebanon, put a space between وَ and the word after it, and I think it would be better for the course makers to adopt that standard in this case instead of the one that doesn’t use a space, because it's a lot easier for beginners to learn, and it makes adding hints and tips under words a lot easier too, because people can hover (or click) on وَ separately.


There were choices for وَ and for وَكَري . Once I chose وَ , I could not remove it, so I had to write وَ وَكَري (Rawad wa wa Carrie) which also pulled the "extra space" response, rather than tell me it was simply wrong.


Yes, you're correct, GretaAlejandra96! It should be كَارِّي or كٰرِّي.


Speaking as a complete beginner, I was startled to be asked for the Arabic for "and". It was fluke that I got the phrase right. Also, why are there no replies to the 12 comments that are posted on this page?


I see that this is the first language you've studied with Duolingo. To find the meaning of a word, you put your cursor over the word. Also, every question on this page has been answered. But, you will sometimes find questions not answered. These are user discussion pages and you will find there are questions that other students might not have chosen to answer for a variety of reasons: not all students studying a language go on the discussions pages and those that do might not know the answer to a question being asked, or they might be too tired to answer a question, or they just might not care to answer a particular question.


How ungrateful of me, when I was a raw beginner, not to have thanked you for your patient explanation of the mysteries of Duolingo. I thank you now, from the position of a seasoned Duolinguist of seven whole months.


Finally you teach some Arabic! Been waiting since 2014 lmao


How do I make the "i" sound with the alphabet (for the last letter in Carrie). I can't seem to find the letter for it on the keyboard. All I can find is ی, but I don't know how to put the two dots below it. Do I have the wrong keyboard or is there something I don't know about it?


GisellChve1: I've got a virtual Arabic keyboard on my computer, and the letter ي is where D is on the QWERTY keyboard. Same on my Android phone. I hope you find it. Is your ی where N is on the QWERTY keyboard?


It would be nice to have a reminder of how it is read in Arabic right to left and input vs American left to right


It seems the Arab pronounces Rawad as Rawaid. Is there a rule for this distortion?

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