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  5. "كوبا وَبيرو"

"كوبا وَبيرو"

Translation:Cuba and Peru

June 27, 2019



So I take it that since there is no "P" in Arabic, that we substitute "ب"?


Correct, and whether someone pronounces it as Beru or Peru largely depends on the dialect and/or how often that person uses foreign languages in real-life. I suggest you pronounce it as Peru, because some people might not immediately understand Beru, but everyone will understand Peru.


You are right.


The Arabic font is so small on these "Translate into English" questions that I have a hard time reading it.


I zoomed in as a work around. On PC you can hold down Ctrl and scroll with the mouse to zoom in and out on most browsers.


When developing phonemic awareness of this new alphabet, the strategy of using county names I know helps me at this level to recognize sounds and associate them with Arabic letters more than would random words.


Then use Beirut not Peru


I don't really need to know names of countries since they don't really change. Give us objects


Agree. It is really stupid that they are giving us names of things we know instead of starting us on Arabic vocabulary that we need to learn.


This chapter is still about the "alphabet". It can be easier to learn the letters if we know the words from before. You can skip ahead to another chapter if you want to learn the words instead of the alphabet


Is there not supposed to be a space between the 'و' and the 'بيرو'?


No. The وَ connects directly to the next word.


I am to go peru


can someone explain me which are the single letters used to form the word "peru"? I don't understand :( I can only "see" the "r" and the "u" in the end.


The word Peru is: بيرو The individual letters are P (Remember, that doesn't exist in Arabic, so substitute b): ب E: ي R: ر U: و Also, keep in mind that letters look different when show apart, versus in a word. What you see in front of Peru is the word "and": وَ


@MichelleDa878143 : thanks for replying :) from the day I posted the comment I improved a little so I had understood that "wa" with fat'ha on it (am I right?) means "and".

I was curious so I just looked for the romanized version of "peru" and it's بيرو = byru - I didn't know "p" didn't exist. so it's ( ب ي ر و ) now I understand, I learnt something new ^^

I'm still learning alphabet, sometimes it's not that easy to recognise letters when connected to others. before reading your comment I hadn't paid attention to the fact that the second letter was the vocal "yaa"= ي . for example recognising "wa", "kaa" or "laam" is easier. I have to train my eyes. thanks for helping me ❤️


she said perru instead of peru


What I learnt from the beginning the word is looking like --Byru for me ☹️.But it was spelt Peru ..


There is no P in arabic please change it accordingly


Surely the government of Peru will do immediately as you request. Any further wishes, maybe concerning Pakistan or Poland? :-)


It is not constructive to use a word begining with P for translation as there is no P in arabic. If the arabic written word begins with a B then so should the English translation.


بيرو = ب + ي + ر + و

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