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"Woah, this chili pepper water is spicy!"

Translation:Hū ka pika o kēia kai nīoi!

June 27, 2019



Woah is not how whoa is spelled


Is chili pepper water a real thing? Is this supposed to mean salsa or hot sauce? I wish Duo would offer some level of understanding of what is being translated and what is something untranslated but also explicitly part of Hawai'ian culture. I have had many styles of chili pepper condiments, never have I ever heard of "chili pepper water" what is it?


But do "Hū" and "Woah" really match?


When it's time for us to type/key in the translation of this sentence, the English word should be spelled "whoa." Has anyone come across this yet?


Why would you say kai vs wai?


RE: D.Kaheaʻs question:

Four months have passed now, and thereʻs still no answer?

Can someone please answer this question? Iʻd like to know too!


Just a guess, but maybe chili pepper water is more like a sauce or soup than water to drink?


No, chili pepper water is just that...water seasoned with pa'akai..Hawaiian salt and chili pepper(s). Not a sauce or soup. Since it's seasoned w/pa'akai, that's more than likely why it is called kai nīoi. pa'a is one word for hard, kai is one word for sea water. Pa'akai. Hardened sea water...salt.


"Hū, pika kēia kai nīoi" he pane pololei pū??


The English should more literally be "This chili pepper water is so spicy", right?


A more literal translation might be "Oh, the spiciness (or heat) of this chili pepper water." I'll accept "This chili pepper water is so spicy" too though.

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