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Please separate phonetics from vocab and phrases!

First: I'm so very happy to finally have Arabic from English on Duolingo! I've been trying to learn Arabic for a looooooong time, and found the lack of good learning resources frustrating.

That said, I have a few requests:

1) Please, please, please separate the phonetics and vocab lessons. I already have a good handle on Arabic phonetics, but what little vocab I have is Egyptian. I need to practice MSA vocab and phrases, but this layout forces me to practice stuff I already know, or practice very little what I don't.

2) What's with the nonsense words?? Can you not use real words to teach pronunciation, at least after the first few alphabet lessons? It feels so very abstract.

3) I'm almost at the first checkpoint and we're still doing phonetics! I'm pretty sure most beginners are going to be thrown off by all of the practice going from Arabic script to chat-script. Does it matter whether "عَبَد" is 3abad or 2abad?

Thanks so much for all of the work done here, and looking forward to seeing Arabic become a top-tier language on Duolingo!

June 27, 2019



I agree about separating phonetics. I think many Muslims are already familiar with Arabic phonetics (to be able to read the Quran) but don't know the Arabic language. For such people (including myself), going straight to phrases and vocabulary without having to deal with phonetic exercises would be ideal.

That input aside, I'm very excited to learn Arabic here at duolingo!


Yes, exactly! Whether from the Quran or any previous learning, many people might already know the phonetics well. There might also be people who already speak some Arabic, but don't understand the phonetics, and so need to practice the other way. Separating them would be ideal!

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