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  5. "a big door"

"a big door"

Translation:باب كَبير

June 27, 2019



How am I supposed to know that? I thought we were just trying to recognise the letters and pronounce words. You sprung the meaning on me by surprise. It wasn't explained in the lesson nor were there translations of words in the lesson.


Do you know it now? Be grateful that the course exists. The admins worked very hard on it. They're not meant to hand everything to you on a silver platter. Trial and error is an important aspect of immersive learning. Just go with the flow and learn and grow from your mistakes along the way. It should be more about discovery and less about having your hand held the entire time. Good luck.


No, i do not. Nor do i know how to understand this or else i would try. How am i supposed to go with the flow and just willy nilly translate a ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ sentence already? Its ridiculous. Im getting better understanding the alphabet bet that does not mean im at all ready to translate sentences yet. It feels like there should really be like 2, 3, maybe 4 lessons before this one, preping me with the skills to translate sentances. I wasnt shown anything to help me comprehend the words, only to be able to sound them out. How ridiculous a task it is to throw me into translating this early. I will still try but this doesnt seem do-able. At all.


I understand the sentimemt you're trying to express, we aren't very well prepped for this lesson at all. However, you're demotivating yourself by complaining in this way.

I'm struggling, and honestly have had to use context clues to rule out "bad" answers, but the lesson is certainly doable (albeit difficult).

Push through!!! We all want to learn, but there will always be some bumps on the road to progress :)


I sometimes have to remind myself that the multiple choice questions are not a test, but a teaching method. Situations like this one are a lot easier for me to handle now that I also use tinycards (tinycards.duolingo.com and find your way to 'Arabic') These are sets of flashcards containing the words used in each of the lessons.


It's not about hand-holding. It's one thing to be taught letters and/or words to start off. But to be taught definitions of words and sentence composition, is completely different


Each word is now underlined with dots. As you click on the line, the translation appears.


Actually they were. They've been teaching you to recognize letters but also teaching simple words with letters they've been teaching. These were some of the words they introduced.


That's how Duolingo works! Sometimes you have no idea, but the next time you know. The same as if a new word came up in a talk with your friends.


No it's not. Other courses introduce words by showing pictures, which aids so memorization process. This course isn't thought through!


Absolutely right.Im confused too.


Another thing is when it gives you the arabic and you have to choose the English translation, the Arabic text is kind of small and hard to see for new arabic readers, wish that was a bit larger.


Maybe you should mention somewhere in the beginning of the course that Arabic is read from right to left. I knew it, but I just realized that there might be some who don't?


Another thing they should mention within the Tips and Notes is that Arabic contains only one definite article, that being "ال", which within a sentence is attached to the noun. For example, "الباب" (al-bab), means the door. HOWEVER, if the word begins with the following letters, (ت،ت،د،ذ،ر،ز،س،ش،ص،ض،ط،ظ،ن), then the L in "al" isn't pronounced in a process called assimilation.


Lesson 1, Tips and Hints lightbulb: "Reading back to front ... Did you know that Arabic is written right to left?... Right to left! How cool is that?) ... This means that when you pick up a book or magazine written in Arabic, you should start reading from the back cover — which, of course, is the front!" I don't start a new lesson without studying the tips and taking notes. Otherwise I'd be lost, for sure!


I don't see the Trips and Hints in the App and it took me weeks until I found out they exist and I can see them if I use my browser (it was another language and I was always confused what people in the discussion meant with "Hints"). Maybe others don't know either... In some languages you can also see them in the app... Wonder why not here!?


Probably just a missing link in the beta stage. Hope fix is at the top of the list when Arabic makes it past beta. I enjoy the lessons most in my browser rather than the app.


Seems lika a sudden increase in level when I got this lesson. I had not learned neither "big" nor "door" and nothing about adjactives. Actually no other words whatsoever...


You can't hear the Arabic words when you click the box to help you decide if this is the correct choice for "big house" and the other's like it. That should ALWAYS be available..


You can also say: بابٌ كبيرُ. "Babun kabirun". :)


You're correct, LearningSis, except that there is some typo at the Haraka for ر in "kabiirun" :)

It should be: كبيرٌ

It is "ra" with Damma-tain رٌ (and not Damma رُ)


If I may offer some thoughts...1/I would find it helpful if the phrases in multiple choice offered sound when you select one. My verbal understanding currently exceeds my reading ability & such an addition would be helpful. 2/ I quite enjoy the challenge of learning the alphabet & words. I would also find it helpful to have translations listed next to 'correct' if any of those listening exercises involve complete words. Thanks for your efforts...even when I'm frustrated to billeo trying to figure out how to pronounce 2!


I thinks its all about trial and error. Study the new words you see and try to remeber them. If you dont its still ok. Either way you downloaded this to learn right? Learning not only means making the correct choises, but also means making wrong choises so you know how to make the right choises later. (Learning + Life lessons)


How am I to know the meaning of words, if that's not what what was taught?


Why is there a test on a word that has not been taught before? I can't sound it out if I don't know the arabic word/sound


Does the adjective come before or after the word you are describing -(confusing..)? Is there a rule - it seems to change...


In Arabic it is the noun followed by the adjective.


I think this level is appropriate. Trial and error is the name of the game. Youre not teying tongwt a perfect score, youre trying to learn.


Lol "teying tongwt". I know what you mean though


Yes, his/her typo was intentional


Did you mean: "...You're not trying to get a..."?


The incorrect two possible answers seemed to describe a garage, so I assumed neither of them was correct!


Im not complaining, I like this test even though I did not answer correctly and did NOT cheat on this last question, its a learning lesson!


Lieur nu iyeu mah uy


It says, "Confused that this is not uy".


I don't have an audio option


How could I I possibly know that????


I know this beacause I am arabic and "باب كبير " means a big house


It was a shot gun shot in the dark, how are we supposed to know that?


We were driving in a getaway car we were flyying


Did you mean: "...were flying"?


Return old voices!


the "test" does not 1) teach you the word before asking me to know it, or 2) offer to play the Arabic phrase I'm expected to pick out. This is an insurmountable problem for phonetic language learners.


I haven't got to translating phrases and words yet


You never taught us what the words actually mean. I've pretty much just been matching symbols to sounds..

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