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Wrong pronounciation of Jeem (ج)

The letter Arabic letter Jeem (ج) is in the most cases wrongly pronounced. In correct Arabic, the letter Jeem is pronounced like the English J ("dj"), not like the French J.

June 27, 2019



Well, it really depends on the region your living in, in the shar2iyet region, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, its a softer j, whereas the khalijjeh region is a bit harsher on the j, for example in jeno w noto, its soft j, as I think the band is syrian.


The pronunciation of the letter differs by region, that's correct. HOWEVER, the course is supposed to teach Standard Arabic, in which this letter is pronounced like the OP mentioned - /dʒ/.


The letter ج has always been a hot topic in Arabic. I know that in lower Egypt and South and West Yemen, they say it like the letter g but in the Levant (Sham) and Gulf (Khaliij), they say it as a j.

Check this out for more information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gimel#Arabic_%C7%A7%C4%ABm


Most Syrians including me pronounce it like the French j

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