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Arabic Alphabet Suggestion

Hey Duolingo Team! I noticed that you recently released the Arabic course on Duolingo. I'm super happy to see that, as I myself have been waiting to learn Arabic on this platform for about a year now! However, when I was going through the lessons, I have just one minor suggestion that, although probably minor, I feel like should be implemented.

I feel like that you guys should separate the lessons on the alphabet from the first discussion lesson. I think so because with the vast majority of the Muslim English-speaking community already knows the alphabet and is fluent in reading (although not comprehending) the script. Just as a minor suggestion, I would place the first Shortcut after the Alphabet 4 lesson, as the Muslim English-speaking community can jump straight right into learning how to comprehend Arabic.

This is just a minor suggestion, as I feel like it can improve the course but is not necessary. Otherwise, awesome job guys! Thanks for bringing Arabic to this platform, and I look forward to learning on Duolingo in the upcoming years! :)

Sincerely, Ali

June 27, 2019
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