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What do the different diacritics mean?

Hi there! I'm still learning Arabic but I've noticed that sometimes there are different diacritics above or below a letter. I haven't yet learned what these mean. I was wondering if someone could explain them or direct me to a useful resource that helps explain them. Also if you're having any trouble with the Arabic alphabet, I found this helpful resource: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR0I0Z-Ey9jFLir6bs8kJChIbSAXLzrly. Hope it helps!

June 28, 2019



They are the markers for * short vowels (a stroke above is "a", a stroke below is "i", and a loop above is "u") * no vowel after the letter (an "o" above) * a doubled consonant (a sort of curly "w" above) * an "n" ending (two strokes above).


It's all in the course's tips and notes.

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