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"لِلْأَسَف لَيْسَ هُناك جَبَل قَريب مِن مَدينَتي."

Translation:Unfortunately, there is no mountain close to my city.

June 28, 2019



So that's why you don't like your city


I hear qariibat-in and the case ending does not make sense to me. Is it wrong in the audio or is there some rule I do not know yet?


The Arabic text-to-speech currently makes numerous mistakes in pronouncing them. I'd recommend straying away from depending on it—only use them to remind you of the words' roots (or hear a very rough idea of what it should sound like).


Unfortunately, there is no mountain near my city.

I wonder why not accepted??!


Unfortunately, there is no mountain close by my city, was not accepted. Close to and close by are the same, are they not? Also, near by was not accepted. Close by my city, is the same as near by my city.


It has been marked as an error, but I have written it exactly the same!

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