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  5. "سام مُتَرجِم جَيِّد."

"سام مُتَرجِم جَيِّد."

Translation:Sam is a good translator.

June 28, 2019



The way this sounds to me is so different from the way the words sound individually. Would someone mind explain the pronunciation here? Thank you!


there are some grammatical endings that are onlysaid in the full scentence. Namely: 'un' at the end of the thrid word


The "un" you hear is at the end of the second word. مُتَرجِم is a single word even if it is not connected. Six of the Arabic letters cannot be connected to the left, namely ادذرزو.


with complete vocalisation shouldn't it be سام مُتَرجِمٌ جَيِّد or even سام مُتَرجِمٌ جَيِّدٌ ?


I would say the latter, even though you do not pronounce a nunation on the last word of a sentence.


Dear developers, please put in a slow speed. This is too fast for beginners.


Im hearing "sam garj mun jayid"


What's the difference between ّ on top of َ and the other way round, ّ underneath َ ?


The "w" symbol is called "shadda" and it doubles the letter. The dash underneath means a short "i" sounds and the dash on top is a short "ah" sound.


david and daud are accepted as the same name, why not accept ismael in lieu of sam(uel)?


David is the English form of Daud. Samuel and Ismael are two different names.


The degree to which this marks things "correct" for having a "typo" is utterly absurd.

I typed: "يام موتورجَم جَيد" and it accepted this as a "typo" and the most ridiculous thing was that it completely ignored the gibberish "موتورجَم" which is outright wrong, like it treated this as correct.

This is a serious bug or flaw in the system. If it cannot process stuff like this, the course is just about broken IMHO.


I am very fluent in arabic please comment if you need any help at all


I want to appreciate Duolingo because my answer was not marked wrong for spelling


Where does a come from. Is there no word for a in Arabic


There is no word for "a" in Arabic, but it is required to be written in English.


I got that one correct but it saying that it's incorrect. Sam is a good translator was my answer but it saying incorrect but it shows the correct answer the ssme as my answer,what's that about?

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